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Sultan Chand and Sons

Shri Sultan Chand ji, founder of M/s S. Chand & Company (1917) and of M/s Sultan Chand & Sons (1950), was pioneer in the field of the publication of school and college level texts by Indian teachers. He had inherited the spirit of nationalism and lofty ideals from his noble father, Master Amir Chand ji (born in 1869), a dedicated teacher, a social reformer, a great patriot and revolutionary, who was awarded death sentence in 1915 for his involvement in the Hardinge Bomb Case.

Shri Sultan Chand ji was a great visionary. He realized the need of education both for winning political freedom and for social and economic development of the country. He made it the mission of his life to provide high quality texts by Indian teachers to Indian students at easily affordable prices.

For nearly sixty years of his life he pursued his goal with unparalleled commitment and untiring effort. He gathered round him a galaxy of distinguished teachers and authors from all over the country and together they made the firm M/s Sultan Chand & Sons what it is today – a name that evokes faith and reliability among the teachers and the taught alike.

Saintly in attitude and Karmyogi in practice, he leaves behind with M/s Sultan Chand & Sons the rich heritage of noble ideas which the Indian publishing industry can be proud of and his successors have solemnly pledged to uphold.