Bose Sujit (Dr.)

About Authors

Dr. Sujit Bose, who has retired an Associate Professor of English from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi has earned a doctorate from Jadavpur University (Kolkata). He was awarded a research grant by the University Grants Commission (New Delhi). Apart from teaching, Dr. Bose also writes; books, articles and short stories. He has published; Attitude to Imperialism: Kipling, Forster and Paul Scott. His other publications are; Essays on Anglo-Indian Fiction, Two Bengali Poets, Essays Anglo-Indian Literature, Talking of Literature, Varia, Flowers of the Soul, Michael: His English Literature, Shades of Thought, Perspectives of Language and Analyses. Books written by Dr. Bose are held by more than one hundred libraries worldwide including the Library of Congress (Washington). Dr. Bose has visited the Commonwealth Institute (London) as a Nuffield Commonwealth Fellow. He was awarded a prize for excellence in human interest journalism by Ranchi Express, a Hindi daily published from Ranchi.