Maheshwari Suneel K

Professor of Accounting, Accountancy and Legal Environment, Marshall University, USA

Qualification : PhD, Masters in Accountancy

About Authors

Dr Suneel K. Maheshwari is a PhD in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, USA. He also obtained his Masters in Accountancy from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA. He, prior to his present assignment, was Professor of Accounting in the Division of Accountancy and Legal Environment, Marshall University, USA. At present he is Professor of Accounting, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Dr. Suneel Maheshwari has also been a management consultant to many corporate-sector giants, like Holiday Inn and TCS. His research interests include Executive Compensation, Activity-based Costing, Ethical issues and Interdisciplinary Applications. He has around three decades of teaching, research and industry experience. He has also authored more than 70 books/monographs and contributed over 40 articles in refereed national and international journals, besides attending/chairing several national and international conferences.