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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2022

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ISBN: 81-7211-395-7

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Subject: Humanities

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The book entitled Language, Meaning and Interpretation: East and West, deals with various aspects of how the trio-concepts, language, meaning and interpretation, are entwined with each other. The problem of meaning is the fundamental issue of philosophy of language in general and linguistic philosophy in particular and it can be solved by proper understanding and interpreting of language. There are various interpretations of meaning, viz., phenomenological, atomistic, holistic, religious, aesthetics, cognitive, non-cognitive, and in each case interpretation of language plays its role. There are as many as twenty-five papers that appear as twenty-five Chapters where various dimensions of meaning and interpretation of language have been explored from Western as well as Indian perspectives. Therefore, readers particularly belonging to the area of philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and consciousness will be benefitted from it.

  • This book is interdisciplinary. It is useful to those who are interested to work on Cognitive Science / Cognitive Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Consciousness.
  • Basically, this would be treated as a good reference book to the students of Philosophy of Language in general and Linguistic Philosophy in particular.
  • A good number of papers are well directed towards conceptual clarifications and interpretation of the relationship between language and reality.
  • The interpretation of meaning is substantiated by the distinctive features of many papers.

  • Language, Meaning and Truth: Revisiting the Davidson-Dummett Controversy
  • Meaning, Mind and World: Revisiting  the Internalism – Externalism Debate
  • Theories of Sentential: Meaning and Verbal – Cognition
  • Analysis and Determination of Word-meanings in a Sentence
  • Theft of Meaning: A Note on Manu’s Attitude towards Language
  • Advaita Theory of ®S"abd"aparok]sa A Study
  • The Referential Theory of Meaning
  • Alethic Modality:  Its Logic, and Language
  • A Journey Over the Path of Modern Logic: A Linguistic Approach
  • Davidson and the Socratic Tradition
  • Representational Theory of Consciousness
  • Theory to Therapy: An Exposition
  • Noema in Husserlian Phenomenology 
  • On Narrow and Broad Content of Mental States
  • Philosophy of Religion and Religious Conflicts: Perspectives and Dimensions
  • Frege on Objectivity of Thought: An Argument for Semantic Realism
  • Intentionality in Meaning
  • Problem and Criterion of Truth: Kantian Approach
  • Sense and Nonsense in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
  • Gettier’s Objection and Lehrer’s Solution Concerning the Problem of Knowledge: An Analysis based on the Logical Structure of Cognition
  • Scope and Substitution
  • On the Gricean Notion of Meaning: A Non-mentalist Conception of Intention Based Semantics
  • Imagination and Representation: Topophilia and an Aesthetic of Cognitive Mapping 
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray and Crime and Punishment in the light of Cognitive Values 
  • Dign"aga’s Concept of Svalak]sa`na: An Epistemological Analysis

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