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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2022

Size (mm): 140.00 x 220.00

ISBN: 81-7211-380-3

Page nos.: xliv + 156

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Subject: Humanities

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The book entitled: Essays on Ethics and Philosophy of Religion by Professor Raghunath Ghosh edited by Dr. Riki Chakraborty highlights very relevant topics on the erosion of values, moral degradation in modern society, the root of all corruption, problems concerning social exclusion, vicious aspect of bio-informatics, the concept of freedom, the crisis arising out of economic instability (artha) and lack of administrative ethics. Not only the modern problems faced in the society are highlighted but their probable solutions are also suggested by the author. Moreover, the religion and belief in God has got a close relationship just as between morality and religion and hence a few papers in the book deal with the concept of God, proofs for His existence, oneness of God and ontological argument for His existence. Apart from the academic and philosophic insight the papers have shown their applicable side which is very much relevant and necessary in modern society which is suffering from malice, hatred, enmity, cruelty, dishonesty, etc. Hope the book will help the public in general and philosophers in particular to eradicate corruption from all levels starting from social to administrative. These are discussed from classical Indian texts starting from Rgveda to modern Indian thinkers like Gandhi, Radhakrishnan, Dayakrishna, Kalidas Bhattacharyya, etc.

  • Social Inclusion Policy: An Indian Perspective
  • Artha as a Parama-Purusartha
  • The Concept of Ahimsa in Indian Philosophy
  • Moral Value in Indian Tradition
  • Kalidas Bhattacharya and Dayakrishna on the Concepts of Freedom: An Indian Perspective
  • National Growth and APJ Abdul Kalam: A Holistic Approach
  • The Concept of Euthanasia: An Indian Approach
  • Ethical Foundation of Administration
  • Man and its Self-transcendence in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
  • The Nyaya Concept of God
  • Can There be Ontological Argument in Nyaya – Vaisesika?
  • Can There be More Than One God?
  • Bio-informatics: Some Ethical Issues 
  • Ethics of Debate: An Indian Perspective
  • Bibliography

ISBN13: 978-81-7211-380-3

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Chakraborty Riki (Dr.)
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