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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2022

Size (mm): 140.00 x 220.00

ISBN: 81-7211-398-8

Page nos.: xxx + 314

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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The book is about the issues in Uttar Pradesh economy where expectations are getting more pronounced.

  • It deals with various significant issues that have much contemporary relevance.
  • Makes attempt to understand pattern of development.
  • Farm sector is discussed in depth.
  • Industrial sector is being analysed and particular emphasis is on the MSMEs.
  • Infrastructure is also discussed.
  • Issues related to population and public health are debated to find a solution.
  • Export potential from Uttar Pradesh is also understood.
  • Fiscal issues are also debated.
  • Roles of SCs & STs are given prominence.
  • Migration being a big factor is given space in the book.
  • Cultural tourism has vast potential in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Inclusive development, sustainable development, education are given emphasis.
  • Environmental and natural resource  factors   and development are discussed in this book.
  • Recent economic initiatives on various fronts are analysed in proper perspective.
  • Book would be useful to researchers, policy makers, development practitioners, etc.

  • Growth and Development in Uttar Pradesh Economy
  • Capitalist Development and Performance ofAgriculture in Uttar Pradesh
  • Agricultural Growth in Uttar Pradesh: Emerging Trends and Determinants
  • Export Capabilities of Local SMEs in Uttar Pradesh
  • Livelihood Security of Home-based Beedi Rolling Workers in Uttar Pradesh
  • Recent Development Experiences and Challenges of Uttar Pradesh
  • Population and Development in Uttar Pradesh: Progress and Concerns
  • Impact of Public Health Expenditures upon HealthIndicators in Uttar Pradesh
  • Marginalized Groups of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Rural Uttar Pradesh
  • Religious Tourism in Uttar Pradesh
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: Concept and Issues
  • Recipient’s Willingness and Access to Primary Education in Uttar Pradesh
  • Women Development to Women-led Development: Contours of New Paradigm of Inclusive Development
  • Economic Development and Migration in Uttar Pradesh
  • Management of Common Property Resources: Implications for Uttar Pradesh
  • Efficiency of Non-tax Revenue in Uttar Pradesh
  • Dynamics of Vitamin A Supplements among Children and Mothers in Uttar Pradesh
  • Recent Development Initiatives in Uttar Pradesh
  • Industrial Development, Employment and Inclusiveness in Uttar Pradesh

ISBN13: 978-81-7211-398-8

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Agarwal MK (Prof)
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