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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2023

Size (mm): 240.00 x 185.00

ISBN: 93-91820-39-8

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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About the Book
Securities are financial instruments issued to raise funds. The Primary function of the securities markets is to enable to flow of capital from those that need it. This book have been taken to consider the syllabi at All India Level and it will be useful very much for B.Com, BBA, MBA, M.Com. and Business related courses.

Salient Features

  • Written in a lucid and simple style, the book comprises of five parts covering various aspects of Securities Market and Security Laws or SEBI regulations governing the Securities Market.
  • The initiatives of SEBI for promoting and regulating securities market are well discussed at the appropriate places of the book
  • The book covers Basics of Investing, Do’s and Don’ts of Investing, measures taken by SEBI to safeguard the investing community, Redressal of grievances of Investors, Investor education and awareness programs.
  • Part IV titled Knowledge Refresher covers Quizzes on Securities Market, Model question papers, Past years question papers of reputed universities and The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi.
  • The practical aspects of stock exchange operations and important stock exchanges functioning in India and at International level are covered in chapter 6 of the book.

Part I: Securities Market – New Issues & Stock Exchange

  • Indian Financial System
  • Basics of Investing
  • Capital Market Instruments
  • Money Market
  • Primary Market/New Issues Market
  • Stock Exchanges – National and International
Part II: Securities Market – Regulatory Framework Mutual Fund
  • SEBI-Establishment, Structure, Composition Powers and Securities Appellate Tribunal
  • Regulation of Contracts in Securities
  • SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2021
  • Buy-Back of Securities
  • SEBI (Share Based Employee Benefits and Sweat Equity) Regulations, 2021
Part III: Securities Market Intermediaries – Regulatory Framework
  • Securities Market Intermediaries – Role and Responsibilities
  • Depository System
  • Derivatives
  • Insider Trading
  • Investor Protection – Role of SEBI and Ombudsman
  • Part IV: Knowledge Refresher
  • QUIZ on Securities Market
  • Model Question Paper
  • Past Years Question Papers of Universities
  • Past Years Question Papers of ICSI
  • Case Laws Relating to Securities Market and Regulations
  • Figures / Charts
  • Problems & Keys
Part V: Annexures
Annexure - I: List of Recognised Investor Associations in India
Annexure - II: Registered List of Depositories
Annexure - III: Registered List of Depository Participants
Annexure - IV: NISM Certification Examinations – An Overview

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-39-8

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1288


Authored By : Balachandran V
Customer Reviews
  • Sunil Tiwari 27/2/2023

    One of the finest books explored different dimensions of the Securities Market & Regulations in view of the contemporary world. Much useful for B.Com, BBA, MBA, M.Com. and Business related courses.

  • Dr. S. VIJAYALAKSHMI 26/2/2023

    As a faculty in the Department of /corporate Secretaryship, this book title " Securities Market and Regulations" has come in a right time with a focus on upcoming investors or to the students of Corporate Secretaryship. It is one of the best I have across in this particular topic as the list of books in this arena is very much less. The author has taken much strain and pain bringing this book in this present format. It is abridged book with five parts and interestingly it consists of knowledge refresher and case laws for better understanding to gain practical exposure in the present subject. This book has given exhaustible picture on the role of SEBI, The rich content on securities market and its functions has been lucidly presented to help the students and also teachers like me for better understanding and guidance. The review would be complete unless I appreciate the author's insight for the students prospective by giving the details for NSM certificate examinations and the coverage of syllabus with assessment structure and its objectives for the preparation of such exams too. Congratulations sir for your tedious and dedicated work.

  • Prof.Dr.R.Thamilselvan 26/2/2023

    I bought this book securities market and Regulations by knowing it is from Central University of Kerala professor and dean, School of Business Studies, so i was sure it will be worthy. I just went through book and I can say explanations, it is just like classroom illustrations. It's very simple. Everyone can understand. Language is also very simple. This is perfect for exams and understanding basic concepts. This book fully covered syllabus of most of the Indian State universities. B.Com and M.B.A (Finance) Students, will find this book comprehensive and helpful in understanding securities market and Regulations.

  • Dr. S. Gayathri 23/2/2023

    The subject 'Securities Market' is there in almost all universities. This book on Securities market and Regulations is indeed a book released at the right time as it covers significantly the syllabus of various universities and autonomous colleges which are quite distinctive . To be specific, it has a very good coverage of our M.Com(Corporate Secretaryship) syllabus. With this single book itself, students can prepare well for their exams . Each topic has been written comprehensively, but in a lucid manner suitable to students' level of understanding. The budding investors in Securities market and those who wish to prepare for their exams on Financial investment or Securities market would find this book ideal . With his wider knowledge on the subject, the author has written and released an excellent book which is highly supportive to the academicians as they can very well recommend it to their students .

  • Dr.Johnpaul M 22/2/2023

    The book on Securities Market &Regulations by Prof. V. Balachandran guides aspirants who wish to start their financial literacy from the crux. It helps them become experts in financial investments and analyse various aspects of the Securities market. The book throws light on multiple aspects, which gives a comprehensive view of financial aspects to assist students and tutors in understanding in-depth knowledge to expertise in investment and the Indian Financial system. The book is self-explanatory and recommended for its unique feature where it highlights the regulation aspects which prune the tender brains as well as the experts cautioning the flaws leading to the violation of the rules and regulations in the financial system. Overall the book is must reference for students of all the financial disciplines at both UG and PG levels. The author provides a meticulous analysis and description of the Indian capital market based on his experience and vast expertise in the field of Finance.

  • Dr. R. Kamaraj 20/2/2023

    Excellent presentation, students can update by reading this book. The contents are well structured and the chapters are well explained. It covers syllabus of major Universities.

  • Dr.K.Sravana 20/2/2023

    This book explains the basic and relevant concepts in securities market & regulations in a simple words. The contents of the Book are well organised and updated.

  • Dr.K.PADMANABHAN 18/2/2023

    The book covered entire topics in the field of securities market. The syllabus we're covered in this single book itself. I am really happy that the topics are systematically presented to understand easily and updated by the author.

  • Dr. S. Kowsalya 18/2/2023

    The book is well organized and useful for all UG and PG students. It gives a detailed information about national and international stock exchange, updated Regulations which will help the students to get the indepth knowledge in the subject.

  • Swathi A 18/2/2023

    This book is very student friendly also includes important details security markets and regulations in a systematic manner.

  • Dr. Bharat Patel 18/2/2023

    Simple language to understand, good content, suitable for learner at any level. Combination of Experience and Expertise knowledge of the Author. Appreciated.

  • Lakshmi Varma 16/2/2023

    The Book is well organized and the data is presented in a structured manner. This is recommended for all finance and commerce students. it delves deep into the various components of the securities market and the regulations put forward by the government and authorities. It elaborates on the role of SEBI in controlling the markets and also provides a clear description of the stock market. The book holds a mirror to Professor Balachandran's expertise on the subject.

  • Sudha R 12/2/2023

    The book is knowledge packed with updated information. It would be useful for all the students of commerce and management.

  • Swaminathan B 12/2/2023

    The contents are well organised and the chapters comprehensively deal with sub topics with lot of questions at the end of each chapter. Useful book for every investor to know more about capital market.

  • Dr. R. Srinivasan 12/2/2023

    Mostly professional course students will be benefitted from this text book. Lucid presentation. Happy to read the book. Good presentation. Frequently updated by the author is a plus point. So students will be updated while reading this book. Congratulations to Dr. Balachandran.

  • Shefali 10/2/2023

    Content of the book is designed systematically. Helpful in developing all concepts related to the same area. Covers the whole syllabus , so must keep it's copies in the personal and University library.

  • AMEEN BASHA H 10/2/2023

    Good and write on other sunjects too

  • Dr Senthil Srinivasan S 9/2/2023

    The book on Securities Market and Regulations covers almost our syllabus. Written in a simple style both Securities market and securities laws meant for both UG and PG students of Business Courses. Topics are well organised and updated

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