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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2022

Size (mm): 160.00 x 240.00

ISBN: 93-91820-13-8

Page nos.: xxxii+256

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Subject: Economics

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The Book entails a detailed analysis of the major policy initiatives by the Narendra Modi government since 2014. All the attempts have been made to incorporate the policies and their impact analysis as much as possible. The book would help to understand the economic issues for the larger benefit of the people and the nation. Due to these economic policies, India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. 
Salient Features

  • This book is about the major features of the Narendra Modi government in terms of efficient economic strategies since 2014
  • Focus on cooperative federalism and its impact on faster development
  • Modi government's rapid transformational strategy and inclusive development
  • Fiscal strategies of the Modi government
  • Major economic reforms like the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Strategy of self reliance and greater thrust on domestic production
  • To understand the significance and transformations in the farm sector
  • Scaled up thrust on infrastructure development like roads, railways, airways etc
  • Enhanced emphasis on communication, power sector, space technology etc
  • Making strategies for industrial development and MSMEs
  • Reforming and empowering the health sector for better healthcare
  • Focusing upon the development of special areas like Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern states
  • Efforts to understand women empowerment and development of minorities
  • Analysis of Tourism potential and e-governance
  • Implications of all the above on the GDP estimation

  • Modi and Empowerment  of Development
  • Constitutional to 'Cooperative-Competitive' Federalism 
  • Inclusive Development Strategies  of Modi Government
  • Fiscal Prudence and Tax Reforms under Modi Government
  • Modi's Aspiration of Self-Reliant India
  • Industrial Development Strategy under Modi Government
  • Expansion of Connectivity during Modi Era
  • Modi Way of Transforming Rural Development
  • Development of Health Sector during Modi Era
  • Agriculture Development during Modi Regime
  • Empowering Development and Inclusiveness with E-Governance
  • Tourism Development and  Establishing India as Brand Tourism
  • Telecommunication, Power Sector and Space Technology in India
  • Mainstreaming Development in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Development and Empowerment of Minorities in India since 2014
  • Empowering Development of North Eastern States
  • Changing Paradigm of Women Empowerment
  • Need to Relook at GDP Estimation in India

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-13-8

Weight: 0.00

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1246


Authored By : Agarwal MK (Prof)
Customer Reviews
  • Priyanka sigh 15/12/2022

    Someone who wants to enhance his understanding about economy....must go for it..

  • Rukmani Devi 20/10/2022

    Phenomenal book. Every Indian should read it.

  • Vivek kumar yadav 27/9/2022

    Someone who wants to enhance his understanding about economy....must go for it..

  • Sandeep Deswal 26/9/2022

    This book show a clear picture of the socioeconomic changes brought by Modi Government Model. I think everyone should read this book.

  • Prasang Agarwal 25/9/2022

    Book covers deep information about the activities happening in the Modi government tenure. Must go for it

  • Sunanda Mishra 21/9/2022

    The book covers insightful information on the developmental activities happening around especially during the Modi Government's regime. It covers intrinsic details of policies that have been in the limelight undertaken in the primary , secondary and tertiary sector. Must go for it.

  • Yashraj Singh 20/9/2022

    It would be an excellent resource book for Modiji development Model

  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar 20/9/2022

  • Avinash K Singh 19/9/2022

    This book covers all the steps taken by this government under leadership of Mr Modi.Good indepth and cover aspects of social development.A must buy book.

  • Pratima Bhatia 19/9/2022

    The book " Modi Empowers Development" authored by Mr M.K. Agarwal covers all important aspects of social economic growth of India from 2014 till date. The book is an eye opener for the people of India as summary of work done by the present government of India in last 8 years for uplifting image of the nation World wide. Excellent effort.

  • Samia Ansari 19/9/2022

    This book covers crucial aspects of inclusive socio-economic development in India since 2014, that fills the lacuna in economic development literature. It would help students and researchers to learn about the inclusive strategies and development policies adopted by the Modi Government.

  • Subhajit Bhadra 18/9/2022

    The publication "Modi Empowers Development" authored by dignified professor Shri M K Agarwal entails a detailed analysis and compilation of the research works carried out by the scholars on the socio-economic transformations and policies & strategies formulated and initiated by the government of India under Modi regime since 2014. The visible impact is documented in the publication with authentic fact and figures and reliable evidences. All facets of developnent including fiscal and economic and statistical outcomes, industrial and agricultural initiatives, special programs for Jammu Kashmir and North-east region, infrastructural improvements, healthcare benefits , women empowerment and other associated issues have been duly integrated in a flawless manner. It is equally comprehensive, thoroughly informative and critically analytic so as to serve the purpose of scholars, policymakers and other stakeholders besides common citizen of the country.

  • Nia 18/9/2022


  • Nidhi 18/9/2022

    A comprehensive reciprocation of government's initiatives.

  • Alok kumar 18/9/2022

    Each &every one should has to go through this book to take an example to learn hos you can give wings to your dreams in reality as elaborated modi govt as bjp from crisis to boom time at present .

  • Prof. Yashwant Kumar Gupta 17/9/2022

  • Prabhat kumar 17/9/2022

    I think everyone must go through from this book.

  • Dr. jyoti Mishra 17/9/2022

    This book covers all areas related with country's development . This covers all the segments like women empowerment ,skill india, make in India and all other aspects of development and provides depth knowledge about all the initiatives taken by Modi Government to Foster the economy.

  • Prof R S Gupta 17/9/2022

    Development means empowerment of the poor, downtrodden, deprived, backward, tribal and women in the economy. Modi government is working on all these with enough pace and commitments. In his regime modern infrastructure boost, dynamism, education, skill, environment, sanitation, trade, new institutions, linking the religious places for development also ensure fast progress of the economy. In this book these issues are well highlighted with enough analytical rigour.

  • Arpita Singh 17/9/2022

    This book will be very helpful to understand the development issues during Modi Government. It explains multidimensional work done Modi Govt. and different aspects of sustainable livelihoods works of the govt. Fantastic analysis

  • Dr Nishant Kumar 17/9/2022

    The book captures all major economic initiatives undertaken by the Modi government and highlights their significance for India's self reliance unlocking the hidden potential of masses. It talks of the newly laid foundations of economic power that India is going to attain in the upcoming decades.Very valuable for all.

  • Dr B L .SONEKAR 17/9/2022

    This book is good piece of work on Narendra Modi government and Indian economy. Economic Strategies and policies of Modi government on Indian economy is well Researched and compiled. This book is very helpful for researchers scholars and Readers who wants to know and understand the economic development of India since 2014. Excellent work ! A must read...

  • Usha Pant Joshi 17/9/2022

    This book provides an alternative view to the one that is provided by the main stream media of this country . It provides a critical analysis of the Subject that is void of any bias making this one of the rare books that values information instead of narrative.

  • Dr Khushboo Verma 17/9/2022

    Outstanding analysis of the work of Modi Government. This book covers all aspects of Modi model of development....

  • Gyanendra Pratap Singh 17/9/2022

    This book provides clear picture of post 2014 economic policies and socio-economic transformation that have been induced by these policies! A must read.

  • Aakanksha yadav 17/9/2022

    This book explains major economic policies of Modi government in a comprehensive manner.

  • Sachin Pathak 16/9/2022

    This is one of the best books on Narendra Modi.I have read this book and I got to know some facts and info about narendra modi ji which i don't know before. You can truly feel proud of being an Indian only when you read this book!

  • JAI PRAKASH VERMA 16/9/2022

    This book will be very helpful to understand the development issues during Modi Government. It explains multidimensional work done Modi Govt. and different aspects of sustainable livelihoods works of the govt. Fantastic analysis

  • Dr Archana Singh 16/9/2022

    In nutshell this book signifies the crucial measures taken by Modi government since 2014 for the making India a resilient and self reliant economy.

  • कीर्ति आजाद चौरसिया 16/9/2022

    मोदी सरकार की आर्थिक नीतियों का ही परिणाम है कि करोना जैसे विश्वव्यापी संकट के बावजूद भी भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था विश्वव्यापी मंदी का शिकार नहीं हो पाई एवं यहां का जनजीवन अन्य देशों की तुलना में संतुलित रहा। प्रकाशित पुस्तक मोदी सरकार की आर्थिक नीतियों के बारे में सारगर्भित विश्लेषण प्रकट करता है।

  • Mahesh Nath Singh 16/9/2022

    This book has different aspects of development, which would definitely help and support to policy makers for Enlightening the economic path of UP.

  • Ishita Jain 16/9/2022

    Covers everything in a comprehensive manner

  • PROF MK AGARWAL 16/9/2022

    This book is authored by me and my scholars with proper research and understanding so that the economic policies, strategies and actions may be reviewed with evidence. This has been a good experience to research upon such a short period of a government that makes huge economic transformation. This would definitely be an excellent work to be read by all including students, researchers, policy makers and other readers.

  • Pratap Vaish 13/9/2022

    A bird's eye view of Fifty-two Initiatives taken by Hon'ble Modi Sahib is unique & all are practical and useful for the common man

  • Sonam 1/5/2022

    Excellent book 📖👌👍

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