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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2017

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ISBN: 93-5161-111-0

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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About the Book
The present text is the most authentic presentation of contemporary concepts and practices in Human Resource Management. An attempt has been made to incorporate the latest developments in the field. Many examples have been presented to show human resource management practices adopted by leading Indian companies. The book ideally fulfills the requirements of MBA/PGDM/M.Com and other relevant PG degrees/diplomas for Human Resource Management course. Besides, personnel managers whose organisations are graduating from traditional personnel management practices to modern human resource management practices, will also find this book worthwhile. The main features of the book are as follows :

  • Most comprehensive coverage with latest developments.
  • Subject-matter presented in simple and lucid style with suitable use of Figures, Tables and Exhibits.
  • Proper blend of theories and their practices in Indian situations.
  • Forty-five Exhibits showing how leading Indian companies follow different human resource management practices.
  • Live cases for class-room discussion to sharpen the diagnostic and analytical skills of the participants.
  • Each chapter commencing with the presentation of theme, contents and two relevant thoughts of leading personalities from India and abroad.
Changes in the Present Edition
The book in its third edition has been thoroughly revised and restructured with a view to incorporate the latest developments as well as to put the relevant and closely related subject-matters together. The following changes have been made in the present edition :

New Additions. In the present edition, many newwr concepts have been added. Some relevant concepts and issues are human capital management, talent management, issues related to workforce diversity, business process reengineering, ethical issues in human resource management, strategic performance appraisal, carrer customisation, secondment, stay interview, and outplacement. A case has been added to every chapater for classroom discussion as well as learning through cases. Besides the above addition, most of the chapters have been written afresh to incorproate the latest developments related to relevant issues

Part I : Framework for Human Resource Management

  • Nature Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management Functions Strategic HRM
  • Environmental Influences on Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Philosophy and Policy
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Research, Accounting and Audit.

Part II : Acquiring Human Resources

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Job Design and Job Analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Socialisation, Orientation and Placement.

Part III : Developing Human Resources

  • Human Resource Development System
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Training and Development
  • Organisation Development.

Part IV : Managing Performance and Compensation

  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Incentives and Benefits.

Part V : Motivating and Maintaining Human Resources

  • Motivating Environment
  • Empowerment and Participation
  • Safety and Health Management
  • Human Resource Mobility.

Part VI : Managing Industrial Relations

  • Dynamics of Industrial Relations
  • Discipline and Grievance Management
  • Management of Industrial Disputes.

Part VII : Human Resource Management for Global Business

  • International Human Resource Management
Appendix : Learning Through Cases
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ISBN13: 978-93-5161-111-0

Weight: 950.00

Edition: 4th Revised Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Prasad L.M.
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    Thank you sultan Chand(publishers) for sending the book on mail request. Book covers all aspects & elements of HRM( including case studies). Good reference book for students also.

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    Excellent reference

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    Very Much Thankful to S Chand for given atmost Consideration to my mail request. I will refer to my Students also.

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    Human Resource Management This book Very Import ant book our Publishers

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