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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2021

Size (mm): 24.00 x 18.00

ISBN: 93-5161-184-4

Page nos.: xvi + 288

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Subject: Economics

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Salient Features

  • The book is addressed to BEGINNERS in Economics.
  • Basic concepts and principles of Economics have been explained in an easy to understand style.
  • Evolution of Indian Economy has been discussed in a very simple language.
  • Short sentences and small paras help in understanding the growth experience of the Indian Economy.
  • Discussion of all the individual topics is based on the latest available data, facts and information from official and non-official sources.
  • Supplements appended at the end of the book are a very rich source of learning and understanding current issues confronting the economy.
  • The subject matter, in supplements, is a gold mine for aspirants of civil services.
  • Long statistical tables have been dispensed with instead graphs have been liberally used.
  • MCQs , true/ false statements type of objective questions appended at the end of each chapter serve as an aid to correct and precise understanding of the subject-matter in the text.
A nutritious diet for a healthy brain to help you come out with flying colours in the examination.

Unit-I: Development Policies and Experience (1947 – 90)

  • Indian Economy at the Time of Independence
  • Common Goals of Five Year Plans
  • Agriculture During Plans: Features, Problems and Policies
  • Industry During Plans: Features, Problems and Policies
  • Foreign Trade of India: Features, Problems and Policies
Unit-II: Economic Reforms since 1991
  • Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation: Need, Features and Appraisal
Unit-III: Current Challenges Facing the Indian Economy
  • Poverty in India
  • Rural Development in India
  • Human Capital Formation in India
  • Employment in India: Growth, Problems and Policies
  • Infrastructure in India: Meaning, Types and Case Studies
  • Environment and Sustainable Economic Development
  • Inflation: Problems and Policies
Unit-IV: Development Experience of India: A Comparison with Neighbours
  • India, Pakistan and China
  • Supplement
  • Supplement A – Union Budget 2020-2021 – At a Glance
  • Supplement B – Global Statistical Profile
  • Supplement C – Farm Laws 2020
  • Supplement D – Selected Questions and Answers
  • Supplement E – Glossary of Economic Terms and Concepts

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-184-4

Weight: 450.00

Edition: 15th Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 929


Authored By : Dhingra IC
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