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The book, “Japanese Studies in South Asia: New Horizons” is an integration of Scholars of Japanese Studies in South Asian countries through the creation of an effective network. Twelve academics from various South Asian countries and Japan, and more than 25 scholars from different Indian Universities, attended the Seminar, some presenting papers, others chairing academic sessions and yet others taking part in the Round Table discussions. This book has emanated from the premise that the deliberations at the Seminar needed wider dissemination among Japanologists in general and those of the sub-continent in particular.

Part - 1

  • Role of Japnese Studies in Strengthening Bilateral and Multilateral Relations between Japan and SAARC Countries by Abul Barkat

  • Japanese Studies in South Asia: The Way Ahead by T.V. Suryakant

  • Japanese Artefacts in the Eastern Block of the Salar Jung Museum by Arun Shyam

  • Understanding Japan through the Eyes of Mirra Alfassa by Rupa Singh

  • Comprehending Primordial Roots of Japanese Nationalism by Dinamani

  • Wit of One and Wisdom of Many: AUnique Cultural Treasury of Resources- Astudy of Proverbs and Sayings Pertaining to Fish in Bengal and Japan by Gita A. Keeni

  • The Growing Influence of Japanese Pop Culture on the young Consumers of Bangladesh by Dilruba Sharmin

  • Diffusion of Japanese Culture in Bangladesh Via Japanese Restaurants by Abdullah-AI-Mamun 

  • Cross Cultural Study of Speech Acts Realization Project II in South Asian countries  Vis-à-vis Japnese Language by Janashruti Chadra

  • Buddhism as a Bridge ti Understand India in Mishima Yukio’s Hojo no umi (Sea of Fertility) by M.V. Lakshmi

  • Japanese Travel Writing: The Journey of a Title from Exploring India to Wandering India by Anushree

  • Mischievous Animal in Japanese Folktales and Panchatantra: A Comparative Study by Sunil Kumar Paswan

  • Literary Text as Source of Learning Language with the Reference to Akutagawa Ryunsuke’s Rashomon, Hana & Kumo no Ito by Anu Kumari

  • Japanese Literature Studies in India: A Comprehensive Survey (With Special Reference to Translation and Research) by Unita Sachidanand

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