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Subject: Environmental Studies

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The study of the environment is an important and relevant subject in the present time.  The environment has been rapidly degraded due to industrial development, urbanization, and other human activities. All types of pollution have increased rapidly on a global scale. Overexploitation of natural resources and increasing pollution have created a threat to the existence of the entire earth, including plants, animals, and humans.Environmental protection is very important for the protection of the existence of the earth and living beings. In this book, an attempt has been made to fulfil this requirement. The main objective of this book is to make students, readers, and the public aware of the protection, conservation, and promotion of the environment so that all people can contribute significantly to the protection and conservation of the environment and may the dream of a beautiful green earth full of different varieties of  living beings come true.

Salient Features

  • Strictly aligned with core module curriculum of UGC and AICTE.

  • Includes Indian theory and concepts about the Environment and Ecology.

  • Use of simple, clear, and common colloquial words, suitable for self-study.

  • Book contents give the feeling of teacher-friend and student-friend because all the hard topics have been tried to explain in a very simple way with figures, examples, and case studies.

  • The rules of excellent pedagogy have been followed in the book so that the students of all disciplines like Arts, Commerce, Home-Science, Law, and Engineering can easily understand the subject matter, and the faculties can explain the subject material to the students in a simple and clear way.

Rich pedagogy includes:

  • Book is based on the guidelines of NEP 2020 and outcome based learning.

  • Each Unit begins with its Learning Objectives 

  • The Book is based on UGC Guidelines and includes 279 Questions, 39  Case Studies, 16 Tables & 62 Figures.

  • Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies
  • Natural Resources
  • Ecosystems 
  • Biodiversity and Its Conservation
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Social Issues and the Environment
  • Human Population and the Environment
  • Important Issues of the Environment
  • Field Work
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ISBN13: 93-91820-52-7

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Authored By : Gupta Suman (Dr)
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