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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2006

Size (mm): 240.00 x 160.00

ISBN: 81-8054-732-4

Page nos.: xvi + 872

MRP: 495.00

Subject: Accountancy

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The book has been designed for the students of B.Com. I and II semester of the University of Madras.

Salient Features

  • All illustrations (496) in the chapters have been given with suitable detailed notes on them.
  • Unsolved exercises (530) have been provided with proper hints.
  • Answers to all problems have been given in detail.
  • Objective type questions have been given in all chapters.

Volume I – Text-cum-Assignment

  • Accounting: Introduction
  • Accounting Concepts and Conventions
  • Basic Accounting Process
  • Capital and Revenue Items and Final Accounts
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Depreciation Accounting
  • Reserves and Provisions
  • Branch Accounts
  • Departmental Accounting
  • Single Entry System
  • Receipts and Payments Accounts and Income and Expenditure Account
  • Fire Insurance Claims
  • Hire-Purchase Accounts
  • Instalment-Purchase Accounts
  • Partnership Accounts: Introduction
  • Partnership Accounts: Admission
  • Partnership Accounts: Retirement or Death of a Partner
  • Partnership Accounts: Dissolution
  • Partnership Accounts: Piecemeal Distribution
  • Partnership Accounts: Amalgamation and Sale of Firms
Volume II – Revisionary Text Papers-cum-Short Questions and Problems-cum-Scanner
  • Revisionary Text Paper
  • Theory Questions (Short Answers)
  • Problems (Short Answers)
  • Scanner: Madras University B.Com. (83 Problems with Solutions)
  • University Question Papers

ISBN13: 978-81-8054-732-4

Weight: 1100.00

Edition: 8th Revised Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 31 & 1044


Authored By : Gupta R.L., Gupta VK
Customer Reviews
  • Dr D.Babin Dhas 29/10/2023

    Our syllabus is not covered need to be improve the content.

  • Dr.T.D.Rekha 27/10/2023

    I thank sultan chand publishers for their prompt action in sending the books. It really helped me in the preparation. Thank you

  • Sundaram. N 23/9/2023

    Need avoid typo error in this text book.

  • Dr.V.Arockia Jerold 30/9/2022

    More objective questions need to be incorporated

  • Vishal singh 17/2/2022

  • Dr R Sivarethinamohan 8/4/2021

    Good book

  • priya 3/12/2020

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