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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2016

Size (mm): 240.00 x 180.00

ISBN: 93-5161-061-8

Page nos.: xvi + 1004

MRP: 600.00

Subject: Commerce & Management

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The Book is written in a simple language, Illustrative diagrams are given to clarify obstruse aspects, the book covers fully the B.Com. (Pass and Hons) syllabi of Business Organization and Management of all Indian Universities.
Special Features

  • The book is written in a simple language.
  • Illustrative diagrams are given to clarify abstruse aspects.
  • The book covers fully the B. Com. (Pass and Hons.) syllabi of Business Organisation and Management of all Indian Universities.

Part One–Business System (Pp. 52)

  • Nature of Business
  • Evolution of Business
  • Launching a Business Enterprise.
Part Two–Ownership of Business Firms (Pp. 80)
  • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Co-operative Organisation
  • Ownership Organisation Decision.
Part Three–Company Management (Pp. 62)
  • Organs of Company Management
  • Company Meetings and Resolutions
  • Company Office - Its Organisation and Management.
  • Corporate Governance
Part Four–Principles of Management (Pp. 160)
  • Nature of Management
  • Development of Management Thought
  • Functions of Management
  • Managerial Planning
  • Organising
  • Staffing and Directing
  • Controlling
  • Scientific Management.
Part Five–Production Function of Management (Pp. 86)
  • Plant Location
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Work Improvement and Work Measurement
  • Materials Management
  • The Economies of Size.
Part Six–Human Resource Function of Management (Pp. 130)
  • Personnel Selection and Development
  • Employee Remuneration
  • Industrial Relations
  • Productivity and Labour Welfare
  • Industrial Psychology.
Part Seven–Marketing Function of Management (Pp. 176)
  • Marketing Functions
  • Pricing Policies
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Salesmanship and Advertising
  • Insurance & Transport
  • Organised Commodity Markets
  • International Marketing.
Part Eight–Financial Function of Management (Pp. 118)
  • Financial Planning
  • Methods of Planning
  • Institutional Financing of Industry
  • Securities Market.
Part Nine–Business and its Environment (Pp. 140)
  • Social Responsibilities of Business and Public Relations
  • Rationalisation and Automation (Business Firm, Industry and Technological Change)
  • Business Combinations and Monopoly
  • Government and Business
  • Public Enterprise
  • Public Utilities

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-061-8

Weight: 1450.00

Edition: 20th Revised Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 131


Authored By : Bhushan YK
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