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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2020

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Subject: Law

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To the Thirty-First Edition

We have great pleasure in presenting the Thirty-First Revised Edition of ‘Business Law’ as per Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, syllabus for BBA and B.Com. (Hons.) students. The new edition, like its predecessors, attempts to present the basic principles of Law in a way that makes the subject easily intelligible even to a non-specialist. This object has been achieved by dividing into IV units:

Unit I – The Indian Contract Act consists of 157 Illustrative Cases, 213 Test Questions, 326 Practical Problems (with Hints and Solutions), 174 Multiple-choice Questions, 194 True & False Questions and 644 Examples with the idea of testing the depth of knowledge of the reader, basic understanding of concepts and his ability to apply whatever he has learnt to a particular situation or problem.

Unit II – The Sale of Goods Act, 1930.

Unit III – The Companies Act, 2013 as Amended upto 2019 consists of 62 Practical Problems and 104 Test Questions with the idea of testing the depth of knowledge of the reader, basic understanding of concepts and the ability to apply whatever he has been learnt to a particular situation or problem.

Unit IV – The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

The Book explodes the myth that law is a difficult and dry subject. Even a lay or general reader who wishes to know the broad principles of Business Law will find the book interesting and lively. Care has been taken to see that the reader at the primary stage of his study does not find himself lost in the quagmire of legal jargon and in the niceties of legal concepts and interpretations.

New Typography of the book makes the book strain-free and reader friendly.

Unit I – the indian Contract act, 1872
(General Principle of Law of Contract)


         1.  Nature of Contract

         2.  Offer and Acceptance

         3.  Consideration

         4.  Capacity to Contract

         5.  Free Consen

         6.  Legality of Object

         7.  Void Agreements

         8.  Contingent Contracts

         9.  Performance of Contract

        10.  Discharge of Contract

        11.  Remedies for Breach of Contract

        12.  Quasi-Contracts

        13.  Indemnity and Guarantee

        14.  Bailment and Pledge

        15.  Contract of Agency

Unit II – THE sale of goods act, 1930

        16.  Sale of Goods

        17.  Conditions and Warranties

        18.  Transfer of Property

        19.  Performance of Contract

        20.  Rights of an Unpaid Seller

Unit III – the companies act, 2013 (amended upto 2019)

        21.  Nature of Company

        22.  Kinds of Companies

        23.  Formation of Company

        24.  Memorandum of Association

        25.  Articles of Association

        26.  Prospectus

        27.  Share Capital and Debentures

        28.  Acceptance of Deposits by Companies

        29.  Registration of Charges

        30.  Management and Administration

        31.  Declaration and Payment of Dividend

        32.  Accounts of Companies

        33.  Audit and Auditors

        34.  Appointment of Directors

        35.  Meeting of Board and its Powers

        36.  Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel

        37.  Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement

Unit IV – THE Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

        38.  Negotiable Instruments

        39.  Notes, Bills and Cheques

        40.  Parties to a Negotiable Instrument

        41.  Negotiation

        42.  Presentment of a Negotiable Instrument

        43.  Dishonour of a Negotiable Instrument

        44.  Discharge of a Negotiable Instrument

        45.  Rules of Evidence Estoppel and International Law

        46.  Hundis

        47.  Banker and Customer

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-165-3

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Edition: 31th Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1160


Authored By : Kapoor N.D.
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  • Dr. Suhail Ahtesham 10/5/2023

    Good work

  • meenu 20/2/2023

    can include some more topic in it

  • Manisha Sharma 2/1/2023

  • Ritu Gandhi Arora 22/5/2021

    The book has covered all the acts very minutely. very well written and students can understand the concepts without any difficulty.

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