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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2023

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ISBN: 93-91820-22-0

Page nos.: xiv+194

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Subject: Law

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White collar crime is a significant issue for everyone; it is not a victimless crime. It has an intense impact on everyone, not just the victims directly, but for all consumers and taxpayers in the form of higher costs, larger insurance premiums, payments, fees, taxes, etc.

Keeping in mind the above stated facts this Book is composed as in the market very rare books are available to cover in detail about white collar crime at a glance. This book can successfully claim to be a change from conventional method and it has covered all facets of White Collar Crime in India. The Chapters of the book were written by erudite Professors, Dean of different streams to articulate the application of White Collar Crime in divergent professions. In today's era when White Collar Crime is a burning issue in society this book can help the Researchers to extract information easily and to gain vast knowledge about it. Moreover, this book will be very helpful in both Text and Reference form and will generate a feeling among readers that “Make crime pay”.

  • A Genesis of White Collar Crimes in Indian Educational Institutions
  • The Concept of White Collar Crimes in India
  • White Collar Crimes:Association of the High Profile People
  • White Collar Crimes in Engineering Profession
  • Political Corruption and it’s Detrimental Effects on White Collar Crimes in India
  • Solo Travelling for Women in India –An Easy Prey to White Collar Crime
  • Essential Concept of White Collar Crimes: A Study on The Definitional Issue
  • Prohibition of Insider Trading Practices in The Era of Technological Advancement
  • White Collar Crime – An Impediment Towards Welfare Government in India
  • White Collar Crimes in India: An Analysis
  • Role of Police in Controlling White Collar Crime in India
  • White Collar Crimes in India and It’s Effect on The Society
  • Legal and Ethical Constraints in Indian Tourism –An Analysis of the White Collar CrimeInvolved in The Industry

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-22-0

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

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Customer Reviews
  • Gita Rana 30/12/2022

    Highly commendable job. A good book for getting the crucial knowledge about the White Collar Crimes.

  • Debarghya Bhattacharya 30/12/2022

    A very important topic to be dealt with in today's time. Highly appreciable job by the hardworking editor Dr. Sulakshana B. Mukherjee. This book has provided a great platform to all the authors of the chapters of this book. A big thanks to Sultan Chand and Sons as well, for appreciating the Editor's Hardwork and dedication. My best wishes are there for all.

  • Manjunath M S 30/12/2022

    Helpful for students of law

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