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Authored By Chpora K.L., Sehgal D.L., Sehgal N.K.

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2020

Size: 24.00 x 16.00

ISBN: 93-5161-144-8

MRP: 540.00

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The Present edition of our book is a redesigned and updated version of the earlier edition. The Chapters have been redesigned and a number of concepts have been rewritten for better clarification. The diagrams have been redrawn and relabelled and the “layout” and “printing” has been improved. We have provided a large number of solved problems to enable the reader to understand the intricacies of solving the basic problem of:

• Electrostatics (calculation of electric field for a variety of charge distributions) and 

• Magnetism (calculation of the magnetic field for a variety of current distributions).

• Parallel AC Circuit analysis, using complex numbers.

We have also provided a variety of solved examples on all the other concepts also. The exercises and problems have been put on separate and categorized pages and the general approach of keeping the presentation “reader friendly” has been maintained throughout.

The author of the book, Prof K.L. Chopra speaks briefly about the book

1. Vectors
2. Electrical Units 
3. The Fundamental Principles of Electrostatics
4. The Electric Field 

5. Electric Potential 
6. Systems of Conductors, Capacitance 
7. Electrostatic Energy
8. The General Electrostatic Problem 
9. Dielectrics 
10. Steady Currents 
11. Magnetic Effects of Currents 
12. Electrical Instruments 
13. Measurement of Resistance and Potential 
14. Heating Effects of Currents 
15. Thermoelectricity 
16. Electromagnetic Induction 
17. Transient Currents 
18. Alternating Currents
19. Alternating Current Bridges
20. Network Analysis 
21. Magnetic Properties of Materials
22. Magnetic Circuits 
23. Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Waves

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-144-8

Weight: 1100.00

Edition: 7th Revised and Enlarged Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 590


Customer Reviews
  • Prof. Sandeep Jaggi 1/6/2021

    This is a very useful book and the same is recommended for the Physics Hons Students.

  • Prof. Bada Dkhar 1/6/2021

    I have been using this book for my reference to teach my students. It has been of great help to me

  • Dr Madan Singh Chauhan 1/6/2021

  • Dr. D.Khanna 18/1/2021

    The study of the subject of electricity and magnetism dates back thousands of years. Extensive study about electricity and magnetism and electromagnetism as a whole began in a systematic manner two centuries before. "Electricity and Magnetism written by D.L. Sehgal, K.L. Chopra, and N. K. Sehgal is a wonderful textbook. This book can be prescribed as a textbook for the undergraduate B.Sc Programme of major universities in India. It provides a comprehensive discussion about the same. This book gives a total outlook on this subject. It not only deals with the basic concepts in physics but also deals with the mathematical concepts needed for the same. Without understanding vectors, it may not be possible to understand the concept of electromagnetic theory. This book starts with the basic idea of vector calculus. The students can refer to this textbook to understand all the basic components of maths needed. In order to be compatible with all universities, the concepts have been provided with an MKS system of units as well as a CGS system of units. A fascinating aspect that I noted was this:- This book even has a separate chapter on Measurements and Units in order to help the students. Starting from electrostatics, this book moves on to magnetostatics and then ends with a detailed description of current electricity that is electromagnetism. In all three parts, a copious number of numerical problems have been solved. Few unsolved problems have also been given in order to give training to the students. An important aspect of this book is this:- This book is on par with international books on the same topic and has been well written by going through many standard textbooks on this subject. This is evident as one goes through this book. The latest updated version of this book is a wonderful book to hold . For better clarification, few chapters have been rewritten and the layout and the printing of the book is on par with international standards. In short, the book Electricity and Magnetism by Sehgal, Chopra and Sehgal can be used a standard textbook not only for UG courses but also for PG courses.

  • Dr. Saumen Acharjee 18/1/2021

    Its a good book written in a very simple language and can be useful to the students.

  • Ankita Tirpathi 2/12/2020

    You can understand a lot From This books

  • Dr. Manish Agrawal 2/6/2021

    A very useful book on the subject for the students of Indian subcontinent. It provides a lucid presentation to the topic and a student gets sufficient insight of the concept by apt number of numerical problems.

  • Ponraj T 26/1/2021

  • priya 3/11/2020

    Congratulations on the recent publication of your book.

  • Padmanabhan A.P. 30/1/2021

    Excellent Book and very useful for students. Comprehensive Books. The book covers all syllabus and recent trends. It is a very good book and helpful for students. The book contains all latest questions and syllabus and all the recent topics have been updated in the book.

  • Dr. MOHD MEENHAZ ANSARI 4/6/2021

    I find this book helpful for the students of undergraduate classes.

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