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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 1991

Size (mm): 220.00 x 140.00

ISBN: 81-8054-792-8

Page nos.: xxiv + 1,632

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Subject: Science

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Salient Features

  • Solved examples, wherever possible.
  • Newer topics like Organometallic Compounds, Coordination Behaviour, Sulphur-Nitrogen compounds, Cyclophosphenes, etc. have been included.

Part I – Chemical Principles

  • Introduction
  • Structure of Atom (Classical Model)
  • Structure of Atom (Modern Picture)
  • Classification of Elements
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformations
  • Theory of Chemical Bonding
  • Structure of Solids
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
  • Acids, Bases and Non-Aqueous Solvents
  • Standard Electrode Potentials
Part II – Elements & Their Compounds
  • Principles and Processes of Matallurgy
  • Hydrogen
  • Water and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • The Elements of Group IA
  • The Elements of Group IIA
  • The p-Block Elements
  • Elements of Group IIIA
  • Elements of Group IV
  • Elements of Group VA
  • Elements of Group VI A
  • Elements of Group VIIA
  • Elements of Group Zero.
Part III – Transition Elements
  • The D-Block Elements
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Elements of Group IIIB
  • Elements of Group IVB
  • Elements of Group VB
  • Elements of Group VIB
  • Elements of Group VIIB
  • Elements of Group VIII
  • Elements of Group IB
  • Elements of Group IIB
  • Inner Transition or f-Block Elements
  • Analytical Aspects of D-Block Elements
  • Pollution.
Typical Questions on Qualitative analysis
Volumetric analysis
New Type Question Bank

ISBN13: 978-81-8054-792-8

Weight: 1550.00

Edition: 20th Revised Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 633


Authored By : Soni P.L., Katyal Mohan
Customer Reviews
  • Dr.K.Shanmuga Bharathi 14/7/2023

    I have gone through the book. It covers almost all the areas of inorganic chemistry and with very nice way of explanation. It will be helpful to all the students / teachers who want to learn inorganic chemistry.

  • DR. SANJAY ROY 12/7/2023

    I have gone through the book and it is fine. In a single book there are lot of chapters in inorganic chemistry. Overall book is nice.

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