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Publishing Year: 2016

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The need for the second edition has given us an opportunity not only to correct the mistakes which inadvertently crept in the earlier edition but also to revised the subject matter in the light of recent advances in the field of organic Reaction Mechanism which indeed have gone a long way in improving our understanding during such a short span of time. An Important contribution of the field has been the development of Woodward- Hoffmann Rules of Orbital Symmetry to explain the so – called No Mechanism Reactions. A new chapter comprising the Introduction to these rules and their role determining the Stereochemical course Electrocyclic Reactions have been added. Another striking advancement during recent year has been the revision of the structure of Hexaphenylethene. It has proved by ESR  and NMR Spectroscopy that in reality like Hexaphenylethane i.e. Ethane Molecule with all the Six Hydrogens replaced by Phenyl Groups is hitherto Unknown. This necessitated the re-written of chapter fourteen.

Part I

  • Atomic Architecture
  • Molecular Framework
  • Shapes of Organic Molecules
  • Configuration and Conformation Stereochemistry
  • Possibility of a Chemical Reaction
  • Reaction Rates and Energetics
  • Types of Organic Reactions and Reagents
  • Scale of Acidity and Related Concepts
Part II
  • Nucleophilic Subsitution at the saturated Carbon Atom
  • Addition to Multiple Bonds
  • Aromaticity and Aromatic Substitution
  • Elimination Reactions
  • Carbonium lons and Carbanions 
  • Unstable – Uncharged, Intermediates; Free Radicals
  • Molecular Rearrangements, Tautomerism
  • Woodward – Hoffmann Rules of Orbital Symmetry: Pericyclic Reactions
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ISBN13: 978-81-8054-672-3

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Edition: 2nd Revised Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Parmar V.S,, Chawla HM
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