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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2023

Size (mm): 210.00 x 140.00

ISBN: 93-91820-30-5

Page nos.: xvi + 196

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Subject: Humanities

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This book is for the UGC-approved course on research and publication ethics as a prerequisite course for Ph.D. students. The key areas covered in the book are as follows:

  • Introduction to the concept of philosophy and ethics in relation to research

  • The history and evolution of ethics in research for a better understanding of the importance of ethics in research.

  • Ethical principles researchers must follow and abide by at every stage of research, beginning from the planning stage to the data analysis and writing and publication stage.

  • The various regulatory bodies and the guidelines set by them to be followed by researchers.

  • The unethical practices in research and its implications for all the personnel involved in the research process

  • The best practices in research and publication given by the Committee of Publication Ethics

  • The concept of Open Access in Publishing, its advantages and the various sources for Open Access Journals.

  • Predatory Publishing as a detrimental practice for research and publication.

  • Ways to manage and deal with research misconduct, complaints and appeals in case of misconduct, explained well with the help of case studies.

  • Various journal finder/suggestion tools, their features and applications in the process of publication.

  • The concept of indexing and metrics in research, their calculation and application.

  • The importance of databases in research, their source and features, for the researchers to choose the most suitable database for their study.

  • Philosophy

  • Ethics

  • Ethics and Research

  • Unethical Behaviour in Publication

  • Publication Ethics

  • Violation of Publication Ethics

  • Practice Open Access Publishing

  • Predatory Publishing

  • Journal Finder / Suggestion Tools

  • Publication Misconduct

  • Databases

  • Research Metrics

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-30-5

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

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