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Authored By Kulandaivelu A.R., Veeraswamy R., Venkateswaran V.

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2017

Size: 22.00 x 14.00

ISBN: 81-8054-776-8

MRP: 200.00

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Special Features

  • Describes the qualitative and quantitative analyses of inorganic and organic compounds.
  • Basic principles of each experiment have been explained.
  • Division of the subject-matter has been done systematically.
  • Model calculations and illustrations have been given for easy understanding.
  • Preparation of organic complexes has been included.
  • Important physical constants have been given in 15 Appendices.
  • Preparation of Reagents and Solutions is given in one chapter.

  • Practical Inorganic Chemistry
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Practical Organic Chemistry
  • Reagents and Solutions
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Physical Chemistry Experiments
  • Appendices
  • References
  • Logarithm Table
  • Antilogarithm Table
  • Index.

ISBN13: 978-81-8054-776-8

Weight: 350.00

Edition: 2nd Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 659

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