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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2020

Size (mm): 184.15 x 241.30

ISBN: 93-5161-172-1

Page nos.: xxii + 399

MRP: 350.00

Subject: Commerce & Management

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This book is mainly written for the students of B.Com., B.Com. (Hons.) and teachers of Delhi University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Madras University and Bangalore University. The idea is that improvements can best come from creative thinking by the entrepreneur about his/her own enterprise, which motivate the entrepreneur to take action to improve his business. This book will also be useful for trainers who support entrepreneurship development during seminars and workshops.

  • Student Centric – Classroom simulative: Written in a simple lucid language.
  • Industry – Institute Interface: Enriched by my own industrial experience the concepts are linked to real life situations, bringing gradation between industry and institute.
  • Coverage: A thorough coverage of conceptual framework on entrepreneurship development and business enterprises.
  • Self-Learning Exercises: Many exercises at the end of every chapter for self-assessment and development.
The author of the book, Dr. R.C. Bhatia speaks briefly about the book.

  • Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – Innovation and Creativity
  • Entrepreneurial Decision Making – Biases and Heuristics
  • Business Risks
  • Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • Facilitators and Inhibitors of Business
  • Role of E-Commerce and M-Commerce
  • Technological Innovation and its Viability
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Market and Society
  • Demand and Supply Factors
  • Understanding Customer Adoption Process
  • Management
  • Managing Finance
  • Managing Human Resource
  • Business Ideas
  • Business Plan
  • Business Incubators, Angel Investors and Private Equity Funds, etc.
  • Self Help Group
  • Important Questions

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-172-1,

Weight: 696.00

Edition: First: 2020

Language: English

Title Code: TC 008


Authored By : Bhatia RC
Customer Reviews
  • Varun Panwar 25/9/2021

    This is a comprehensive and excellent book. This book contains all syllabus and recent trends. Strongly recommended to students.

  • Anjali Siwal 11/8/2021

    This is an excellent book. Strongly recommended to students.

  • Dr. Babar Ali Khan 23/5/2021

    Please add: Institutional support system for entrepreneurship development. Ongoing policies and schemes for the startups and small business. Provide information related with institutions engaged in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • AMALA PRIYA.R 20/4/2021

    Business Management book has a simple expression and is easy to understand

  • Padmanabhan A.P. 30/1/2021

    Excellent Book and very useful for students Comprehensive Book. The book covers all syllabus and recent trends. It is a very good book and helpful for students. The book contains all latest questions and syllabus and all the recent topics have been updated in the book.

  • palak Sharma 2/12/2020

    You can understand a lot From this book

  • Rahul singh 3/11/2020

    Good Book with Complete content

  • Dr. Karibasaveshwara B. 2/11/2020

    overall book is good, i congratulate the author Dr R. C. Bhatia Ji. I would like share my opinion that, after each chapters add or in-calculate some important case studies . it gives practical experience to the reader/ learners . thank you dear Publishers for giving this opportunity for sharing my opinion.

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