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Authored By Kumar Chaitanya

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2021

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ISBN: 93-5161-197-3

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This book has been designed for B.A. (Prog.) III Year, Semester-V, B.Sc. (Hons.) (Mathematics and Physics) and GE-3 (for all honours courses) students of all universities of India following Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). It is also useful for B.Tech students of various universities and various competitive examinations. The students of open and distance education courses will find the book most useful.

The details about the book can be viewed on https://youtu.be/BsJXqgSgtGs

  • An Introduction to Differential Equations
  • Ordinary Differential Equations of Order One and First Degree
  • Differential Equations of First Order but Not to First Degree
  • The Wronskian and its Properties
  • Linear Differential Equation with Constant Coefficients
  • Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations
  • Method of Variation of Parameters
  • Simultaneous Linear Differential Equations
  • Total Differential Equations
  • Linear Partial Differential Equations – Formation, Solution of First Order Equations
  • Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations of Order One
Examination Papers

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-197-3

Weight: 0.00

Edition: 1st Edition 2021

Language: English

Title Code: TC 1238


Authored By : Kumar Chaitanya
Customer Reviews
  • Dr. Mohammad Asif 17/7/2021

    The book is useful for undergraduates as well as the students preparing for competitive exams.

  • Aryan Gupta 17/7/2021

    The Book is extremely great and helpful for students . Proper explanations, Examples, Test Papers have been provided for best learning and clarity in concept. Thank You Sir

  • snehlata 7/6/2021

    Very nice book. effective contents and simple simple language.

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