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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2023

Size (mm): 240.00 x 185.00

ISBN: 93-91820-32-9

Page nos.: xvi + 520

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Subject: Mathematical Sciences

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This book has been designed in accordance with the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2022 followed by the Central Universities of India including University of Delhi under the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020. Keeping in mind the need to uphold students’ interest in the subject, vivid explanation of concepts as well as explanatory illustrations followed by exercises have been included. The book is exclusively designed to help and guide the students of Mathematics DSC-6 B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics Semester-II; GE-3(I) all Honours Courses   (Other than Mathematics); Discipline A-3 (3-Core & 2-Core). It is also useful for B.Tech. students of various Universities and for preparation of competitive examinations. The students of open and distance education courses will also find the book very beneficial.

Salient Features
  • An all-encompassing and self-sufficient  textbook for UGCF-2022 based on NEP-2020.
  • Written in a lucid and simple language.
  • Written with a view to present a qualitative understanding of the subject.
  • Comprehensive step-by-step explanation for easier understanding of the subject.
  • Many solved examples and unsolved problems have been drawn from recent examination papers of Universities.
  • Practicals using Softwares (Mathematica, Maxima & Octave) are included for better understanding of the subject.
  • Recent Delhi University Question Papers with Solutions  have been included for ample practice.

  • Preliminaries
  • Differential Equations of Order One and First Degree
  • Differential Equations of First Order but Not to First Degree
  • The Wronskian and its Properties
  • Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients
  • Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations
  • Method of Variation of Parameters and Undetermined Coefficients
  • Simultaneous Linear Differential Equations
  • Total Differential Equations
  • Compartmental Models
  • Models of Single Population
  • Interacting Population and Phase-Plane Analysis
  • Practicals in Differential Equations
Mathematica Software (20 Questions)
Maxima Software (13 Questions)
Octave Software (17 Questions)
University Question Papers (2018 – 2022)

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-32-9

Weight: 0.00

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1289

Customer Reviews
  • Dr Shivani Sharma 23/9/2023

    Very good book with easy understanding and lots of solved examples

  • Sunila Sharma 14/7/2023

    It is a well written book. It thoroughly covers all the topics on Ordinary Differential Equations mentioned in the syllabus of DSC-6 paper for B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics Sem III students in UGCF Framawork -2022.It is also useful for GE-3 Hons.courses and BA Program , Applied Physical Sciences.it contains numerous examples and problems for the students. The Practical part is also taken into account . It’s a self sufficient book for the Maths Hons. students

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