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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2013

Size (mm): 240.00 x 185.00

ISBN: 81-8054-958-8

Page nos.: xxiv + 504

MRP: 350.00

Subject: Commerce & Management

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This  book  resulting  from  forty  years  of teaching experience and guiding students enrolled from diverse streams. The text covers the revolutionary changes in the area of   marketing,   both   academic   and professional, demand pedagogical changes. The  whole  text  is  based  on  value perceptions  and  their  application  to appropriate marketing strategies and their implementation. It is built around the concepts of Value Exploration, Value Identification and crafting  and translating values to different strategies such as Pricing, Communication, Delivery, Value Enhancement and Value Sustenance.


  • Each chapter begins with the very basics  and gradually progresses to advanced levels.
  • Marketing  Realities  –  “Illustrative Windows”  are  provided  in  each  chapter. These  are  real  cases  that  will  enable students to grab even intricate issues with clarity in perspective.
  • Review questions and Case studies have been given in every chapter to help the students to assimilate the subject and learn its practical aspects.
  • Care has been taken to provide appropriate citations for all materials included in the text.

  • Concepts and Perspectives of Value
  • Evolution of Value Concept – Origin to Present
  • Value Perception – Corporate Level and Consumer Level
  • Origin and Sources of Value Perception – External Environment Analysis
  • Value Exploration – Tools and Process
  • Reckoning and Relating Values – Consumer Behaviour and Segmentation
  • Premises for Value Creation
  • Assessing Market Opportunities – Crafting Value Estimation Process
  • Structuring Organizational Support for Value Creation – Planning Organizing and Controlling Marketing Efforts
  • Translating and Merging Values into Product Concepts – The Product Mix
  • Matching Perceptions and Capturing Values – The Pricing
  • Stabilising Value through Communication Mass Promotional Techniques
  • Stabilising Value through Direct Promotional Techniques
  • Value Delivery – Mechanics of Possession Transferring and Supply Chain Management
  • Value Enhancement – Strategies for Obtaining Results
  • Value Creation for Business to Business Markets – (B2B)
  • Value Creation for Consumer Markets 0 (B2C)
  • Creating Value for Services (Marketing of Services)
  • Value Creation for Rural Markets
  • Global Marketing
  • Value Sustenance’s – Customer Relationship Management

ISBN13: 978-81-8054-958-8

Weight: 730.00

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1201


Authored By : Nair Rajan, Nair Sanjith R.
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