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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2018

Size (mm): 240.00 x 185.00

ISBN: 93-5161-121-9

Page nos.: xvi + 584

MRP: 525.00

Subject: Commerce & Management

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The book is an indispensable and well-written book on Marketing and contains several distinctive features. It contains several topics of contemporary interest eg., Relationship Marketing, Social Marketing, Rural Marketing, Market of Services, Consumer Protection, Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing and so on.

Some of the distinctive features of the book are as follows:

  • Learning Objectives to give a bird’s eyeview of the topics covered in each chapter.
  • Lucid, concise and simple language.
  • Real life illustrations from Indian industry.
  • Liberal use of tables and diagrams to illustrate the text.
  • Summary at the end of every chapter for quick revision.
  • Case Study at the end of each chapter.
  • Test Questions culled from examinations of various Universities and Business Schools.
  • Select Bibliography for further study.
We sincerely believe that there is always scope for improvement. Therefore, we invite suggestions for further enriching the book.

Part I : Introduction (Indentifying and Understanding the Market)

  • Nature, Scope and Importance of Marketing 
  • Modern Marketing Concept
  • Marketing Environment and Marketing System
  • Consumer or Buyer Behaviour
  • Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Research and Marketing Information System
Part II: Product Mix (Creating Value)
  • Product Planning and Product Mix
  • New Product Development
Part III: Pricing (Capturing Value)
  • Price Mix
Part IV: Distribution (Delivering Value)
  • Channels of Distribution 
  • Physical Distribution of Goods
Part V: Promotion (Communicating Value)
  • Promotion Mix 
  • Advertising 
  • Personal Selling 
  • Sales Promotion, Publicity and Public Relations
Part VI: Marketing and Society
  • Consumer Protection in India 
  • Marketing of Services 
  • Rural Marketing 
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Recent Issues and Developments in Marketing 
Some Syllabi on Marketing  Management 
Select Bibliography

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-121-9

Weight: 850.00

Edition: 19th Revised Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 187


Authored By : Gupta CB (Dr), Nair Rajan
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  • Dr.D.Sathyaseelan 24/7/2023


  • Dr. Jagriti singh 8/7/2022

    Book is very useful for students.

  • Dr. Vijay Kumar 24/10/2021

    I have been a long time reader of Sultan Chand Publication. I always prefer and suggest books of Sultan Chand for three reasons 1. Concepts describe in Simple Language 2. To the point with necessary discussion 3. The author's database of Sultan Chand is very Rich in terms of Knowledge and expression of knowledge into books. Currently, I have three books 1. Marketing Management by Dr. C.B.Gupta; 2. Indian Economy by I.C.Dhingra and Export and Import and Management by Prof. Madhurima and Dr. Sultan Ahmad. All these books are well written in such a way that students can read and understand the concepts very easily. Further, I appreciate the publisher for maintaining the qualities of books and contents.

  • Lakshmi Waghmare 17/4/2021

    Really liked the content, examples and simple language to understand, good for teachers as well as students

  • Gulab Chand 16/4/2021

    book is very useful and handy for commerce students.



  • Padmanabhan A.P. 30/1/2021

    Excellent Book and very useful for students. Comprehensive Book. The book covers all syllabus and recnt trends. It is a very good book and helpful for students. It is a very good book and helpful for students. The book contains all latest questions and syllabus and all the recent topics have been updated in the book.

  • Rajan 27/1/2021

    Excellent Books, Book is very useful for students

  • Rahul singh 5/6/2020

    Nice Book

  • Diksha 25/5/2020

    You can understand a lot from this book

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