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Authored By Mittal Preeti Rani, Bansal Anshika

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2021

Size (mm): 24.00 x 18.00

ISBN: 81-954071-0-2

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This book has been written with the twin goals of educating the students about the nuances of Income Tax so that they can compute income from various heads as well as making the students aware about the compliance required for smooth functioning of Income Tax scheme. The book also discusses the practical aspects that an auditor should focus on while computing tax liability and where taxpayers need to be more careful and cautious.
Dedicated chapters on analysis of income, giving itemized compliance requirement by the by taxpayers as well as complete steps for filing returns are presented in this book in a very effective manner.
New amendments of Finance Act 2021 have been incorporated at appropriate places in this book.
This book is a comprehensive text on the subject of Income Tax Law and Practice to meet the venerable need of B. Com, BBA, M. Com, MBA and similar professional courses in Commerce and Management offered by various universities across the country.
The book aims to provide an understanding of income tax law and practices and prepare students for their future assignments in the direct tax field.

  • Introduction and Basic Concepts
  • Residential Status
  • Incomes Exempt from Tax
  • Income from “Salaries”
  • Income from House Property
  • Profit and Gains of Business or Profession
  • Determination of Income on Presumptive Basis
  • Depreciation
  • Capital Gains
  • Income from Other Sources
  • Income of Other Persons included in Assessee's Total Income (Clubbing of Income)
  • Set-Off and Carry Forward of Losses
  • Deductions to be Made in Computing Total Income
  • Assessment of Agricultural Income
  • Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability of Individual's
  • Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family
  • Assessment of Firm's including LLP
  • Rebate and Relief of Tax
  • Return of Income and E-Filing Procedure
  • Tax Deducted at Source and E-TDS Return

ISBN13: 978-81-954071-0-2

Weight: 0.00

Edition: 3rd Edition 2021

Language: English

Title Code: 007


Customer Reviews
  • Dr Rupak Srivastava 10/10/2021

    Very nice book written in easy and understandable language I think this book provide help to students in their Masters as well as NET Thank you Dr Anshika Bansal

  • AAYUSHI SAXENA 10/10/2021

    Very Nice book Dr Anshika Bansal it's language is very easy this book provide best guidance to masters students as well as NET examination

  • RUPAK SRIVASTAVA 10/10/2021

    Very Nice book Dr Anshika Bansal and Dr preeti rani the language of this book is very easy this book provide best guidance to masters students as well as NET examination Regards Dr Rupak Srivastava Assistant Professor GBTEA SPN President Yuva Sarv Kalyan Samiti Uttar Pradesh

  • admin 10/8/2021

  • Hermina Corera 2/7/2021

    Already i have given my review

  • sugandh 22/10/2021


  • Dr.Sanjay kumar Shukla 22/10/2021

    Excellent book for income tax knowledge as well as for practice..

  • Varun Panwar 24/10/2021

    Excellent and Comprehensive Book for income tax and e-filing of income tax return subject.

  • Kaleem Pasha 24/10/2021

    Your book is very easy to understand to every concept it's language is east to understand and also has more questions for practice comparison to other books of income tax of different writers.

  • Priyanka Chauhan 27/5/2021

    It is a comprehensive book which covers all the section of income tax and very useful for undergraduates

  • Mr. Sandeep Kumar Sahu 28/6/2021

    Better book for the students Graduate and Post graduate level

  • Dr S. Prasanna Kumar 29/5/2021

    The book goes with the flow with comfortable reading. The provisions are locatable but the headings need to be little oversized. Additional illustration problems would be better. And least important chapters can be removed. The book can be designed to meet regional universities requirements.

  • VAIBHAV SINGHAL 3/10/2021

    The book contains the detailed knowledge about the income tax. It has very good content explained in the best way.

  • Shubhi Goel 3/10/2021

    This is a wonderful book which covers all the latest syllabus with easy to understand language

  • Amarjeet chauhan 3/10/2021

    This is very good comprehensive book for the students persuing b.com..contain very vast syllabus and cover each and every thing about income tax in a very easy language and presented in simple and understandable form...most recommendable book even for CA students along with undergraduate and postgraduate students...

  • Ravinder Kumar 3/10/2021

    This book covers all syllabus and clear all the concepts of very simple, precise and in meaningful understandable language.

  • Minakshi Rawat 3/10/2021

    __this book covers the entire syllabus of income tax in very easy understandable launguage with fine multiple choice questions for practice. It will definitely enhance your knowledge and make tax intersting to learn.

  • Priyanshi Gusain 3/10/2021

    The book contains enlarge knowledge of the syllabus. The contents of the book is very good covers all the latest topics.

  • Khushbu rawat 3/10/2021

    Its Very good and valuable book for B.COM as well as undergraduate course ,it covers all the syllabus regarding INCOME TAX

  • Amanpreet kaur 3/10/2021

    This book is amazing .❤️best for BCom student because this book covers all the syllabus ❤️

  • Surabhi Kandari 3/10/2021

    Excellent Book and Comprehensive Book. It is very useful for students. The book covers all syllabus. It is a very helpful for students. All latest questions and topics have been updated in the book.

  • Pooja kala 3/10/2021

    This book covers all the syallbus and easy to understand . It also cover all topics in detail and provide the full knowledge of the income tax

  • Deepti Pasbola 3/10/2021

    This book contains all the syllabus which helps students to practice and learn everything

  • Shivani Rawat 3/10/2021

    "Income Tax - Law & Practice(AY 2021-22) book by Dr. Preeti Rani Mittal & Dr. Anshika Bansal Ma'am is a valuable book for B.Com students and undergraduate course legal provisions and sections have been properly given with latest amendments.MCQ of this book is very helpful & examination point of view.

  • HERMINA CORERA 3/6/2021

    Superb. Provisions clearly explained. It clearly covers almost all the chapters. Current trends and amendments have also been updated.

  • Padmanabhan A.P. 30/1/2021

    Excellent Book and very useful for students. Comprehensive Book. The book covers all syllabus and recent trends. It is a very good book and helpful for students. The book contains all latest questions and syllabus and all the recent topics have been updated in the book.

  • Anjum Ansari 4/10/2021

    Excellent book for income tax knowledge as well as for practice..👌👌

  • Rajesh Kumar 5/10/2021

    Supreb book of income tax. Comprehensive analysis, simple language, adjustment of all latest amendments.

  • C.A MANISH AGARWAL 8/2/2021

    INCOME TAX ( LAW & PRACTICE ) book by DR. ANSHIKA BANSAL and DR. PREETI RANI is a valuable book for Bcom and other undergraduate courses. It is a Comprehensive Book which provide section wise study of all legal provisions to reduce the complexity of the subject for the students. The book contains all latest questions & Amendments till date and all the recent topics & trends have been updated in the book .

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