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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2022

Size (mm): 220.00 x 140.00

ISBN: 93-91820-05-3

Page nos.: xvi + 400

MRP: 400.00

Subject: Mathematical Sciences

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The book, a result of extensive research on numbers is intended for the general public - even for those who are not so enthusiastic about mathematics. It conveys the message that mathematics is a very exciting and interesting subject. Numbers possess some amazing properties which will not only amaze you but also provide thrill, excitement, fun and keep you spell bound. The mathematical ideas in the book provide hours, days and months, if not years of “entertaining numbers”. Moreover, it will also result in increasing the general knowledge of the readers. The book takes you through a thrilling, stimulating and adventurous voyage of exploration into the realm of numbers.

Numbers + imagination = New ideas;

New ideas + imagination = Great fun,
“Welcome to the  Wonderland of Numbers”

  • Numbers – Meaning and Classification 
  • Digits : (0, 1, 2, ..., 8, 9) 
  • Mathematical Tricks
  • Some Interesting Numbers
  • Arithmetic Potpourri (Marvels In Arithmetic)
  • Square
  • Cube
  • Srinivas Aiyenger Ramanujan (FRS) and His Contributions to Mathematics 

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-05-3

Weight: 500.00

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1248


Customer Reviews
  • Pravin Kayastha 28/5/2022

    Anyone who is interested in numbers, should go through wonderland of numbers. Gives a very exhaustive details of numbers.

  • Sreekanth Peyyeti 27/5/2022

    Comprehensive easy read for the kids keeping Math interesting and fun. The book helps the kids to learn math using fun methods and gets them hooked on and overcome any fear towards Mathematics. Tricks and tips makes it super interesting! Highly Recommended!

  • Babitha Sanka 28/4/2022

    Every page is filled with immense and easy learning . Excellent book throughly recommend people to buy it .

  • Siddharth Bhatnagar 22/4/2022

    A well written book that explores maths in a way that will engage readers of all ages. In this age of online addiction this book comes as a breath of fresh air. You will not be disappointed.

  • G K Bhatnagar 21/4/2022

    Last chapter of great mathematician Ramanujan is amazing.

  • S singh 15/4/2022

    Excellent author with good knowledge.

  • Mike Petterson 14/4/2022

    Very impressed by the content of the book, an eye opener.

  • Ghanshyam Das Lahoti 11/4/2022

    The name of the book “Wonderland of Numbers” itself attract you to the most difficult subject in a students life. Making the nos.look like fun and cool excites the students. The book looks amazing.

  • Dr Sandeep Mahajan 10/4/2022

    Excellent read for everyone…. Kids to elderly… S C Gupta’s love for mathematics and statistics, unparalleled passion in writing books since 1970… plus support from equally genius offsprings… is reflected in making this book so interesting for anyone having urge to know more about numbers, this book is a must read.

  • Sachin Prasad 9/4/2022

    An excellent book. Absolutely enjoyed reading it.

  • Abhishek P 8/4/2022

    Great book to make kids fall in love with maths. Bought a few books to gift to my nieces and nephews.

  • Sonu 8/4/2022

    Excellent book develope interest in math and children enjoying it .full of knowledge and fun

  • Nikhil 8/4/2022

    Very nice book ,Highly recommended ! Must read..

  • Kunal Kapoor 8/4/2022

    An excellent book. Absolutely enjoyed reading it. Everyone should have this book in their library. An absolute eye opener.

  • Rupali 7/4/2022

    Great book to have kids not only develop interest in Math but also start enjoying it!

  • Rachna lahoti 7/4/2022

  • Nupur 7/4/2022

    Very engaging book for adults and children and that too on maths! It makes maths accessible and relatable for kids and I definitely recommend this amazing vault of knowledge for every home.

  • Vikram Singh 7/4/2022

    This book is great for all age groups. My son loved ready and learning about mathematics. Highly recommended!

  • Naseem 7/4/2022

    Very nice book and super cool for kids and adults would love to know many things about mathematics concepts.must read

  • Alima kausar 7/4/2022

    Very interesting Full of knowledge

  • Santosh 7/4/2022

    What an amazing book this is. It has some very little known facts and wonders of numbers which are explained in very simple digestable nuggets. it is educating and at the same time very entertaining. Perfect gift for someone interested in mathematics and numbers.

  • Saqib Khan 6/4/2022

    Excellent! Just finished reading it, the concept of presentation of numbers and playing with it makes it very interesting not only for kids but for grownups as well. This is a must have book for your library!

  • Ashok Jain 6/4/2022

    Very nice book, my daughter enjoyed the book very much and kept coming back to show new tricks to me

  • Monika Bagga 6/4/2022

    I simply loved the content of the book, it has so many fun facts those are super cool for kids, especially kids of 4 grade and above would love this book very much. Adults also would love to know so many things about mathematical concepts. Must read.

  • Vinod Kumar 6/4/2022

    An excellent book. Really enjoyed reading it, Specially , the Chapters on Digits , Mathematical Tricks, Interesting Numbers and Arithmetic Potpourri.Very exciting reading. In addition, a pandora of generl knowledge. The authors have done a commendable work inmaking mathematics look so easy n interesting. Kudos to them. Everyone _ young or old must read it.

  • Prof. Kamal Nain Kapoor 6/4/2022

    A very interesting book, full of excitement thrill entertainment and knowledge. A must possessions for everyone. Specially last chapter about Srinivas Ramanujan is great attraction in the book.

  • Malik Noor 6/4/2022

    Loved this book, very informative. Especially stories about great minds of Indian mathematicians and their contributions to the world.

  • Prachi Bhardwaj 5/4/2022

    This is a perfect gift for kids to get them hooked on to wonders of math and explore some fun facts. My son loved the book!

  • Alok Jain 5/4/2022

    This book is such a great read, my kids loved the mathematical tricks listed in almost all the chapters.

  • Shikha 4/4/2022

    A very nice and comprehensive Book.

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