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Authored By Gupta SC, Kapoor V.K.

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2020

Size (mm): 14.00 x 22.00

ISBN: 9351611738

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Special Features
The entire text has been restructured, rewritten and updated to cater to the revised syllabi of almost all universities, and various other professional examinations. During the course of rewriting, it has been specially borne in mind to retain all the basic features of the previous editions especially the simplicity of presentation, lucidity of style and analytical approach which have been appreciated by the readers throughout the country. A conscious effort has been made to make the presentation of all topics discussed very simple and to develop the subject-matter in such step-by-step manner that the book can serve as self-study text for the students. A number of typical problems have been added as solved examples in each chapter. These will enable the reader to have a better and thoughtful understanding of the basic concepts of the theory and its various applications. Several new topics have been added at appropriate places in various chapters to make the treatment of subject matter more exhaustive and up-to-date.

The Author of the book, Prof. S.C. Gupta speaks briefly about the book

  • Introduction
  • Descriptive Measures
  • Theory of Probability
  • Random Variables—Distribution Function
  • Mathematical Expectation, Generating Functions and Law of Large Numbers
  • Special Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Special Continuous Probability Distributions
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Additional Topics on Correlation and Regression
  • Theory of Attributes
  • Large Sample Theory
  • Sampling Distribution Exact (Chisquare Distribution)
  • Exact Sampling Distributions (t) F and Z Distributions)
  • Theory of Estimation
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Finite Difference and Numerical Analysis
  • Some Additional Topics
  • Appendix.

ISBN13: 9789351611738

Weight: 1820.00

Edition: 12th Revised Edition: 2020

Language: English

Title Code: 499


Authored By : Gupta SC, Kapoor V.K.
Customer Reviews

    content of book is up to date .Testing of hypothesis is describe in detail.Easy to understand for novice.

  • Nitin 25/4/2021

    FMS revised edition 2020 is good but it will be better for faculties and trainers if you publish the detail solution manual of FMS . If possible then publish the following books: - 1) Linear Models (Statistics) 2) Multivariate Analysis (Statistics) 3) Design of Experiment (Statistics - Separate book) 4) GATE Statistics (With detail solution book) 5) CSIR UGC NET Statistics (With detail solution book). 6) Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Entrance 7) IIT- JAM Statistics Entrance book

  • Dr Deepa Tyagi 29/7/2021

    This revised version of FMS is very useful for students. This covers all contents of the syllabus at the Undergraduate level.

  • Geeta 3/11/2020

    Very good book with good price

  • Padmanabhan A.P. 30/1/2021

    Excellent book and very useful for students. Comprehensive Book. The book covers all syllabus and recent trends It is a very good books and helpful for students. The book contains all latest question papers and syllabus and all the recent topics have been updated in the book.

  • prof K.Vadivelan 7/4/2021

    students easy understand

  • Sudha V 7/4/2021


  • profsk 9/1/2020

    I would like to know if you publish e-book version of this title in Word/pdf formats. This would help teachers in smart classrooms which are available in almost all institutions now-a-days.

  • Head, Department of Statistics, Mar Athanasius Col 9/4/2021

    The Book is of very good use for Undergraduate students. The latest edition comes with good quality paper and durable binding. Highly satisfied with the purchase

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