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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2023

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ISBN: 93-91820-16-9

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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This text book  “Principles of Marketing' has incorporated all the components of the syllabus of University of Delhi Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2022, based on NEP, Discipline Specific Course- 3.3(DSC-3.3): Principles of Marketing B.Com. (Hons.): Semester-IIIrd.  This text book has been specifically designed and written as a standard text book for UGCF Discipline Specific Course: 3.3 Paper: Principles of Marketing B.Com.(Hons) IIIrd Semester.  This text book meets the requirement of the syllabus of Delhi University for UGCF DSC-3.3 B.Com (H) IIIrd Semester and DSC-3.3 B.Com (Prog.). Principles of Marketing as a Discipline Specific Subject/Paper (DSC: 3.3) is a core subject introduced for B.Com (H) IInAd Year (IIIrd Semester) and B.Com (Prog.). This book has been designed and written especially for this paper.  This book also covers the entire syllabus of Discipline Specific Course- 3.3(DSC-3.3): Principles of Marketing, B.Com (Prog.) of the University of Delhi. This book meets the requirement of the B.Com (H) and B.Com (Prog.) of Discipline Specific Course.  The present edition would be found useful for the other professional courses. The book is written with a minimum of technical terminology and the format is clearly structured in accordance with the syllabus of University of Delhi.
This text book is structured in five parts with twenty one chapters:

Unit 1:Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Environment 
Unit 2:Consumer Behaviour and Market Selection 
Unit 3:Product Decisions and New Product Development 
Unit 4:Pricing Decisions and Distribution Decisions 
Unit 5:Promotion Decisions and Developments in Marketing

Unit I: Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Environment

  • Nature, Scope and Importance of Marketing
  • Marketing Philosophies
  • Service Marketing
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Environment
Unit II: Consumer Behaviour and Market Selection
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Selection, Market Segmentation: Concept and Bases
  • Market Targeting and Product Positioning
Unit III: Product Decisions and New Product Development
  • Product Decisions
  • Branding, Packaging, Labeling and Product Support Services
  • New Product Development and Product Life Cycle
Unit IV: Pricing Decisions and Distribution Decisions
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Distribution Decisions
  • Wholesaling and Retailing
  • Logistics Decisions
Unit V: Promotion Decisions and Developments in Marketing
  • Promotion Decisions and Integrated Market Communication
  • Advertising and Personal Selling
  • Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Publicity and Direct Marketing
  • Developments in Marketing: Sustainable Marketing and Relationship Marketing
  • Developments in Marketing: Rural Marketing
  • Developments in Marketing: Social Marketing and Digital Marketing

ISBN13: 978-93-91820-16-9

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Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Kumar Pardeep (Prof)
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