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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2024

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This edition marks a major milestone for Retail Management – A Global Perspective. The book discusses the whole gamut of retail management emphasizing the changing retail environment in Indian and International context for conceptual clarity and mastery of retailing by the modern readers.It offers experiential learning through contextual case studies to render a better understanding of each functional area of retail management. It provides an in-depth coverage of the various components of retail management that includes Introductions to Retail Sales, Retail Formats, Retail Customer, Promotional Strategy, Retail Market Strategy, Pricing In Retailing,Retail Brand, Retail Marketing Segmentation, Merchandise Management, Retail Communication And Promotion, Retail Management Information System, Forms of Non Traditional Retailing and Web Based Retailing, Consumerism and Ethics in Retailing and Retail Researchto enable students to comprehend the subject matter with ease.Retail Management – A Global Perspective creates interest and involves students in the course and the industry by making the textbook a “good read” for students. 

Salient Features

  • This book presents all the fundamental concepts of Retailing

  • There is an adequate real time examples for different concepts. A series of cases are presented throughout the book which requires the reader to recall important concepts. These have been derived under Global Perspectiveto understand their practical relevance while suggesting solutions for the problems laid down.

  • Review questions and case studies questions are included in all the chapters so that readers can test their knowledge of essential concepts and applications. These questions aid in preparing for examinations.

  • The text uses simple language, lucid style and clarity.

  • This book is primarily meant to cater to the needs of under-graduate and post -graduate students of commerce and management.

  • Introduction to Retail Sales

  • Retailing Formates

  • Retail Consumer

  • Promotional Strategy

  • Retail Market Strategy

  • Pricing in Retailing

  • Retail Brand

  • Retail Marketing Segmentation

  • Merchandise Management

  • Retail Communication and Promotion

  • Retail Management Information Systems

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Forms of Non-traditional Retailing and Web Based Retailing

  • International Retailing

  • Consumerism and Ethics in Retailing

  • Retail Research


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