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Authored By Balachandran V.

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2021

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ISBN: 93-5161-195-0

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The book comprises of two parts, namely, Part 1 GST and Part II Customs law. The latest developments/recent trends in GST and Customs Law have been incorporated at the appropriate places in the book. Dealt with problems and their keys on GST.

Quiz in GST and Customs Law covering 140 questions which would be highly useful to the students appearing for examinations and interviews. 

Incorporated and highlighted the changes in the Finance Act, 2020, pertaining to GST and Customs Act, 1962.
At the end of every chapter adequate questions for Part A and Part B are given. 
Past years question papers of some of the Universities are also included in the book.        
Incorporated important  figures/charts for easy recapitulation at the end of each chapter.     
Included  MODEL Question paper series for the Faculty and Students community.  
Incorporated  latest Decided case laws on GST and Customs Act, 1962.   
Incorporated statutory Forms under GST and List of GST rates on Goods and Services separately. 
Included details about syllabus, question pattern, conduct of examination to become a GST Practitioner.

1.Basics of Indirect Taxes
2.GST – Genesis and Developments
3.GST Council
4.Definitions Under CGST Act, 2017
5.Legislative Frame Work and Levy of GST
6.GST – Administration
7.GST – Supply and Its Scope
8.Time, Value and Place of Supply
9.Registration Under GST
10.Input Tax Credit
11.Composition Scheme, Reverse Charge, E-commerce, E-invoicing and E-way Bill
12.Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
13.Returns, Payment of Tax and Refunds
14.Accounts and Records
15.Assessment and Audit
16.Demand, Recovery and Advance Ruling
17.Appeals and Revisions
18.Offences and Penalties
19.Integrated GST Act, 2017
20.Union Territory GST Act, 2017
21.GST Practitioner

1.Customs Duty and Customs Officers
2.Classification of Goods
3.Prevention of Illegal Import and Export
4.Levy, Collection and Assessment of Customs Duty
5.Valuation of Goods and Exempted Goods
6.Clearance of Goods Under Customs Law
7.Baggage and Warehousing
8.Customs Duty Drawback
9.Search, Seizure, Arrest and Confiscation of Goods
10.Offences and Penalties

1.Quiz on GST & Customs Law
2.Practical Problems with Key
4.Model Question Paper and Past Years Question Papers

Annexure I:GST – Revenue Generation
Annexure II:Prescribed forms under the Customs Law
Annexure III:Compensation  to States and Highlights of 43 rd GST Council
Annexure IV

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-195-0

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Edition: 1st Edition 2021

Language: English

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Authored By : Balachandran V.
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  • Dr. S. THOTHADRI 14/7/2021

    Cover Page was Excellent Chapters are well organised Easy to understand the concepts Syllabus Fully covered Knowledge Refresher is the highlight of this book Structure of the Contents is good. Model Question Papers and Past Examination Papers included Various Forms as Annexure provides better understanding A Comprehensive Book for Under Graduate & Post Graduate Students

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