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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2014

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Subject: Management

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Writing a new edition of any textbook is an exciting job. In the five years since the sixth edition of this book was released I listened and learned from students and teachers who are using this book their following suggestions.

  • Since most of the examples and exercises in the book deal with significant management problems, the book's title must reflect this fact:
  • Since the prudent researcher appreciates the need for a higher level of understanding of the data, there must be a separate chapter on an application-oriented introduction to multivariate analysis: and
  • Since the results of a research always need to be shared with others, there must be a chapter on Report and letter-writing and Oral Presentation.
I am happy to state that I have incorporated in this edition all the above suggestions in the following manner:
  • The book’s new title is: A Textbook of Research Methodology in Management and Social Sciences.
  • Chapter 11 introduces the exciting topic of multivariate data  analysis. It covers four dependence techniques and three interdependence techniques. The former include multiple regression, discriminant analysis, conjoint analysis, and canonical correlation. These techniques allow the researcher to assess the degree of relationship between the dependent and independent variables. The latter include factor analysis, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling. These techniques present the researcher with tools particularly suited to assessing structure by focusing on the portrayal of the relationships among and between variables (factor analysis) or objects, whether they are respondents (cluster analysis) or objects such as firms, products and so forth (multidimensional scaling).
  • Chapter 18. Business Memos and Letters introduces the subject of Report and Letter writing and Oral Presentation.
Hallmarks of this Text
  • Most complete set of topics for those who as managers and social scientists would be more concered with testing hypotheses.
  • No use of complex mathematical notations which make learning more difficult.
  • Multiple examples and end-of-chapter exercises (with answers) in which the students  see what they see in the world every day.

  • Model of scientific research
  • Difficulties in carrying out scientific research
  • Steps in preparing research design
  • Defining a research problem and formulating hypothesis
  • Experimental and non-Experimental methods of data collection
  • Techniques of data collection
  • Sampling and sampling distribution
  • Rating and attitude scales
  • Editing, classifications and tabulation of data
  • Single, bi-variate and multi-variate analysis of data
  • Parameter estimation
  • Parameter and non-Parametric tests
  • Interpretation and report writing
  • Oral presentation

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-013-7

Weight: 600.00

Edition: 7th Revised Edition

Language: English

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Authored By : Tripathi PC
Customer Reviews
  • Surjit Kumar Gandhi 25/6/2022

    1) The book needs updation in view of increasing numerical content. 2) Latest chapters on statistical software need to be added. 3) Can the text matter be made lighter? 4) Can it be made examination oriented?

  • Komal Sharma 7/4/2021

    Book is really good and give indepth knowledge about Research.

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