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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2021

Size (mm): 240.00 x 185.00

ISBN: 81-954071-2-5

Page nos.: xxvi + 318

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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Creativity and innovation as hallmarks of entrepreneurship have been recognized as the modern day mantra for success in business and industry. It is with this realization, the Government of India, by announcing a number of policies and schemes, has been giving ever increasing emphasis on developing creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship in the country. So much so,  increasing number of educational institutions in the country have started offering the paper on creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship in their course curricula. Because Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship, as a subject, is relatively of recent origin in India, there has so far not been any comprehensive textbook available on the subject in the Indian context. The present book is a modest attempt to fill in this gap.

The book is characterized by the following salient features:

  • Serves as a pioneering textbook on creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship written in the Indian context.
  • Covers the subject matter on creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship in an all-encompassing manner. 
  • Each chapter begins with the specific learning objectives as takeaways.
  • Each chapter and its subsequent topics begins with theme-based quotations to serve as inroad to proceed further.
  • Elaborates the complex and difficult topics in an easily understandable manner with relevant cases in an anecdotal style.

Section I: Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)
Section II: Creativity
  • Introduction to Creativity
  • Creative Tools and Techniques
  • Entrepreneurial Creativity
Section III: Innovation
  • Introduction to Innovation
  • Moving Innovation to Market
  • Management of Technology
  • Asset Protection
  • Technology Maturity, Obsolescence and Discontinuities
Section IV: Incubators and Accelerators
  • The Business Incubators and Accelerators
  • The Business Incubator Players
  • Start-ups and Innovations
  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation

ISBN13: 978-81-954071-2-5

Weight: 0.00

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 1245


Authored By : Khanka SS (Dr)
Customer Reviews
  • Dr. A. Vickram 25/8/2023

    Easy to understand and reach out to the students . Highly appreciated by the students.

  • Dr. Shreekant Sharma 10/11/2021

    Very good content for practicing and prospective entrepreneurs including agencies working in this area.

  • Priyanka 26/10/2021

    Excellent Book, This book is very useful for Management students.

  • Prof Unnat P Pandit, Jawaharlal Nehru University 7/10/2021

    Entrepreneurship is fundamental to capital generation and wealth creation. The same is taught with great detailing in the book written by Prof S S Khanka. The creativity and innovativeness for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activities are vital to a country's economy and growth. The economic survey also emphasizes on nurturing the potential of unique innovations based entrepreneurship to offer a "strategy to boost in productivity growth and wealth creation" in post-pandemic era. According to the World Bank, India ranks third in the world in terms of entrepreneurship. India is the land of numerous exceptional entrepreneurs who have done great feats with zeal, effort, and perseverance. The exemplary Jamsetji Tata (founder Tata Group of the pre-independence) to Narayana Murty (co-founder of Infosys) to Bhavish Agarwal (co-founder of Ola cabs) and Ritesh Agarwal (Oyo Rooms) have changed the face of India’s entrepreneurship by nurturing never-tried ideas into big businesses.

  • Prof. R. C. Dangwal, Former Head & Dean, Garhwal 7/10/2021

    Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship often serves as a catalyst while analyzing the impact of entrepreneurship development on the economic growth of a region. Much of the available literature in this area has mainly focused on developed countries and their findings can hardly be generalized to India. This book therefore provides a comprehensive understanding of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship in the relatively under explored Indian context. It is a modest attempt to acquaint students with the basics of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship while touching on all the significant aspects related to it. The text presentation in all the chapters with a focus on a structured format covering learning objectives, summary, key terms, discussion questions and exercises is a value added feature that makes this book extremely student friendly. The first section of this book provides detailed coverage on the evolution of the concept of entrepreneurship, salient features, functions, need for entrepreneurship, and then gradually shifts to the historical perspective of Indian entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and its phases in India. The next section introduces creativity and discusses the use of creative tools and techniques along with the methods of increasing entrepreneurial creativity. In this section, the author has provided in-depth explanations of the core concepts and theories related to the creative tools and has supplemented them with extensive case studies to ensure that the material can be fully understood by the reader. The section thereafter focuses on the models of innovation, management of technology, asset protection and the practicality of moving innovation to the market. Finally, the last section describes business incubators and accelerators. The author methodically explains the role of various players including the government, academics, corporate houses, venture capitalists, business angels and entrepreneurs. This aptly motivates the section on start ups and innovation along with the ways to approach design thinking and innovation. Overall, the focus on basic concepts, core theories, models and case studies is the major strength of this book. Additionally, the use of lucid language along with the simple style of presentation makes it a pleasant read. As this book draws examples from real life entrepreneurs and successful business ventures, the tools and techniques related to creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, could serve as a primary resource material for studies and research related to the same. The book will definitely be useful for the faculty members and the students of commerce and management.

  • Prof. (Dr) Raj Kumar Singh 7/10/2021

    The 1st Edition of the book “Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship” is a very comprehensive and a well written book specially for the under graduate and post graduate students of Management and Commerce programmes of various Indian Institutes and Universities as well as the novice Startups and seasoned Management practitioners and consultants. The entire book is written with the excellent coverage of the theoretical concepts with the real life examples well printed with an excellent thematic and innovative cover page. Any creativity and innovation must be inclined to solve the problem of an individual, society, humanity, industry, nation and the environment. Only this approach will lead towards the sustainable entrepreneurship. Innovation is a dynamic process and it requires consistent iteration and reiteration. This has been well explained with its concept and the suitable examples in the book and it has been very well quoted by the author that ‘Innovate or abdicate”.

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