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Publishing Year: 2023

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The hallmark of quality education is it serves the purpose. That is why the Government of India has approved its The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to make the education system suitable to serve its ultimate purpose. One of the focuses laid down in the NEP is to offer and impart the professional and vocations courses to make India Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Accordingly, the subject Entrepreneurship is offered in classes XI and XII under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to make the students Aatmanirbhar to become the job-providers not the job-seekers. The present book on Entrepreneurship for Class XI is written exclusively as per the new syllabus prescribed by the CBSE on the paper Entrepreneurship (Code No. 066). 

Salient Features
  • Syllabus: Written exclusively as per the new syllabus of the paper (Code No. 066).
  • Opening Quote: Aquote opens the theme of each Unit.
  • Opening Case: Each Unit starts with a case study related to the topic of the Unit.
  • Learning Objectives: Each Unit begins with learning objectives as takeaways from the Unit.
  • Snippets: Subject matter is supplemented by the real-life experiences of Indian entrepreneurs.
  • Boxes:Thought-provoking points are presented in the Boxes.
  • Examples: Difficult and complex matters are exemplified with suitable examples, exercises, charts and figures.
  • Let Us Sum Up: Entire subject matter discussed in each Unit is recapitulated at the end of the Unit to enable the students to revise what they learnt from the Unit.
  • Project Works: Two project works given at the end of each Unit help the students in learning through doing. 

  • Entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship Concept and Functions

  • Entrepreneurship Journey

  • Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving

  • Concept of Market

  • Business Finance and Arithmetic

  • Resource Mobilization

  • Let’s Sum Up

Self-Assessment Questions

Project Work

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Authored By : Khanka SS (Dr)
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