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Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

Publishing Year: 2020

Size (mm): 240.00 x 160.00

ISBN: 93-5161-017-5

Page nos.: xvi + 824

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Subject: Commerce & Management

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It deals with Why, When, What, Where and How of export marketing.

The most significant new feature of this edition is the addition of Part V, International Marketing in Action. In this Part, we have included more than 40 examples across the world which when used in conjunction with theories, will show to the students how international marketing is actively carried out. This Book is especially written for B.Com., BBM, BBA & BBS of all India Univerisities.

Special Features

  • All data, developments and policies, both national and international, have been brought up-to-date.
  • This book introduces a number of case histories and cases.
  • Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 has been thoroughly revised

Part I – International Trading Environment

  • Framework of International Marketing 
  • Basis of International Trade 
  • Recent Trends in World Trade
  • Foreign Trade and Economic Growth
  • Balance of Payments and Instruments of Trade Policy
  • International Economic Institutions
  • Regional Economic Groupings 
Part II – India’s Foreign Trade
  • Trends in India’s Foreign Trade
  • Institutional Infrastructure for Export Promotion in India
  • India’s Trade Policy
  • Export Assistance 
Part III – International Marketing
  • Identifying Foreign Markets
  • Product Planning for Exports
  • Pricing for Exports
  • Market Entry and Overseas Distribution System 
  • Distribution Logistics for Exports
  • Promoting Products Internationally 
  • Overseas Market Research
  • Marketing Plan for Exports 
  • Decision-making Framework for Export Operation 
  • New Techniques in International Marketing
  • Terms of Payment and Export Finance
  • Management of Risks in International Marketing
  • Project and Consultancy Exports
  • Global Marketing of Services
  • Multinationals: Their Role in International Marketing
  • State Trading in India
  • Legal Dimensions of International Marketing
  • Export Documents and Procedure
  • Outward FDI from India and Indian Multinationals
Part IV – Issues Relating to Globalisation
  • Major Drivers, Status, and Implications of Globalisation 
  • Globalisation and Indian Economy 
  • Global Financial Meltdown and Indian Economy 
Part V – International Marketing in Action Modules
  • Motivation and Internationalisation Process 
  • Politics in International Marketing
  • Cross-cultural Issues in International Marketing 
  • Investing Abroad, Merger & Acquisitions 
  • Outsourcing, Off-shoring and Global Sourcing 
  • Cases
  • Selected Sources of Information
  • Suggested Readings  
  • Review Questions 
  • Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14
  • Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020
  • New Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2021-26
  • Question Papers

ISBN13: 978-93-5161-017-5

Weight: 980.00

Edition: 26th Revised Edition

Language: English

Title Code: 247


Authored By : Bhattacharya B, Varshney R.L.
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  • Shikha 6/4/2022

    The revised edition is very useful

  • Sonam 6/4/2022

    Excellent book 📖 👌🏼 👍🏻

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